Large Format Printing

If you need to print your plan larger than A4 or Letter size and don't have access to a large printer, can print your plan for you and post it to you within 48 hours!

It's easy to create a PDF of your plan using Toptableplanner and upload it to their site ready for printing.

1. Create a PDF

In the Toptableplanner 'Print' menu, select the size and options you'd like for your table plan. Once you're ready, click on 'Create' and save your PDF on your computer.

2. Check your PDF

Open the PDF to check you're happy with it.

3. Upload your PDF

Go to the website (link opens in a new window) and click on 'Upload a PDF File'. You can then choose the file you want to print and upload it.

4. Order your Seating Plan

Once you're happy with what you've uploaded, click on 'Save to library' and then order your plan by clicking 'Add to Cart'.

Your printed seating plan should arrive by post within a couple of days. FilePrint currently only have local print partners in the UK and USA and so shipping costs and times to other countries may be greater.

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