Easy Ways To Boost Your Wedding Fund

Wedding Fund

For little or no effort at all, you can increase your wedding budget by 100s of pounds just by being a little savvy online. Here you'll find some top tips on how to generate a little extra cash.

Online Surveys

Companies are crying out to get genuine market opinion on their products and services and are happy to pay real money for this! These surveys usually only take around 10 mins so can easily be squeezed into a lunch break. Most of the survey agencies pay in points which can then be redeemed for cash or high street vouchers.

Some of the most popular survey sites are:

Lightspeed Exchange points for cash or eVouchers. Sign Up »
Toluna Exchange points for eVouchers. Sign Up »

Register for them all to make sure you get plenty of surveys and therefore cash!

Cashback Sites

Cashback sites give you money back for shopping online. It works by retailers paying them for referring you and then the cashback site passes this commission back to you. It's possible to earn hundreds of pounds each year just by making savvy purchases.

For example, sign up to TopCashBack and you could start by earning:
£16 for a free DVD rental trial with Lovefilm
£7.50 for trying Blockbuster
£4.80 for a magazine trial
£6.50 just for getting your credit report
£5 for registering and playing the National Lottery online

That's nearly £40 before you've even though about switching your car or home insurance which will often pay well over £50 each! You can also earn a percentage back for shopping at popular online retailers such as HMV, Play.com, Boots etc.

I've been registered with cashback sites for more than three years and so far have earned well over £1500!

Visit TopCashBack »

Sell Your Unwanted Items

The saying "one man's junk is another man's treasure" is very true. Why not earn a bit of extra money by selling your unwanted things on Ebay.

Go through your wardrobe to find clothes you never wear or look at your CD collection to find music you don't listen to any more.