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Wedding Diaries Book

The Wedding Diaries

How to Get Married in Style Without Breaking the Bank.

By Laura Bloom
4 Stars

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What it's about

The Wedding Diaries is one bride's planning story. It's written in a light easy to read style and is both funny and informative.

What we liked

Laura is a budget bride, so the book is full of tips on saving money. It's also reassuring to follow the ups and downs while she's planning and then to see everything pull together at the end. It's a well written book, so you get a real sense of who she is and really want her day to turn out well.

What we didn't like

She's a budget bride but one who, rather frustratingly for us normal bods, seems to have rather convenient emergency funds appear just when needed! It's still a great read though and has some good tips in there. She's a bride on a real budget, with quite a lot of time for the diy touch, so this book is best suited to a similar type of person. Other people will find the book interesting but will get less real advice from it.


Easy to read with some tips, but more of a novel than a start to finish planning guide

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