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The Unofficial Guide To Planning Your Wedding

The Unofficial Guide To Planning
Your Wedding

By Eileen Livers
5 Stars

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What it's about

The Unofficial Guide to Planning Your Wedding is a step by step guide to planning your day. It aims to cover all the alternatives in an unbiased way and explains how to get the best price on those options.

What we liked

The level of detail. If you've been scooting from website to website, but have that unsettling feeling that you've missed something then you'll find everything here! There are tips for saving money at each stage - some of which are easy to follow, some require a bit more effort or confidence. All options are covered - from the most formal to the most relaxed which gives you some relief from the 'you must have x, y and z' that you might get from friends/relatives/some websites. It's therefore particularly recommended if you're going for a less traditional approach as it includes different ways for doing each aspect of the day - which is a great sanity saver if you're beginning to doubt your decisions!

What we didn't like

The book is US slanted. While most of the advice is still relevant, it's worth bearing in mind that some details (e.g. the US places more importance on stationery) will be different if you are in the UK.


If you're the kind of person who likes a start to finish guide all in one place, then this book is hard to beat.

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