Wedding Colour Schemes

Rainbow wedding dresses

Deciding on a wedding colour scheme can be a huge source of worry. You'll want to think about the time of year - traditionally deep burgundies and dark green would be better suited to winter weddings for example.

Choosing a Colour Scheme

The colouring of your bridesmaids may influence you, plus colours that you think would look good in your bouquet against your dress.

Your venue may also play a part if it has carpet or walls that are a strong colour. You may want to introduce a second colour e.g. hot pink with black or orange with chocolate to use either as accessories for bridesmaids or for some flowers and table decorations.

Wedding Colour Scheme Inspiration

More ideas for wedding colour schemes and accessories can be found on the Etsy website.

Hot Wedding Colours for 2016

Yellow wedding colour scheme.

2016 sees some stunning new colours being used, plus some interesting colour combinations.

Totally new are the warm tones of blush, coral and tangerine. Other big news is the introduction of soft toned colours such as dusty blue, lavender and mint green. We’re seeing aquamarine, either teamed with coral or as ombre shades.

The top Pantone colours of radiant orchid and marsala give a hot new twist to the purple and burgundy tones.

Last year's new combinations using grey and yellow are still looking lovely and we’re also seeing a turn toward rustic themes using natural colours such as cream, taupe and caramel.

Article written by Adam. See his profile.