“Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you really dare to dream really do come true.”

Who needs a white wedding when you can bring all of the colours of the rainbow to your special day? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – a perfectly coordinating and colourful basis for everything from bridesmaids and flower girls to the gents’ ties and socks!

Wedding seating plans and escort cards

Rainbow place cards

Rainbow escort cards or place cards – etsy.com

  • Create a rainbow chalkboard wedding seating plan by using multi-coloured chalkboard pens.
  • Use multi-coloured lollipops as edible escort cards.
  • A craft shop will be able to supply you with paper in all colours of the rainbow – this escort card display tells guests to find their table based on the colour of their escort card.
  • This seating plan is mounted on a frame, with multi-coloured ribbons creating the backdrop.
  • These beautiful origami irises come in all colours of the rainbow and would make a stunning and elegant escort card display.

Table names and numbers

  • Use colours as table names – either straightforward red and blue, or choose specific shades of colour, such as British Racing Green or Blizzard Blue! Here’s a complete list to give you some more ideas.
  • Choose table names from the characters found in the Wizard of Oz – this couple have used Toto, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow, to name but a few!
  • If you are going with numbers, use your rainbow theme to create colourful table number holders. These butterfly-themed rainbow table numbers would be perfect, and here’s a great DIY tutorial for making your own rainbow table numbers with lollipop sticks.

Table décor

Rainbow colours look stunning if used against white table linen. Other ideas include:

  • Use a rainbow table cloth for your top table, and assign a colour to the other tables, decorating them with different shades of that colour.
  • Create your own vibrant tissue paper flowers as table centrepieces and venue decoration.
  • For an extra special after dark rainbow effect, arrange for coloured lights to light up each table in a different colour of the rainbow. Lights could be incorporated into the centrepiece design or, as in this example, actually under the table itself!
  • The African Daisy (gerbera) comes in practically every colour imaginable and would make for stunning flower arrangements on a colour-coordinated table.
  • For truly rainbow flowers, take any white flower – roses and carnations work well – and turn it into a rainbow flower with the simple trick shown in this video. Magical!
  • For a ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ theme, look for accessories in Emerald green (city), sky blue (skies are blue), Ruby red (slippers) and bright yellow (brick road)!

Other ideas

Rainbow wedding dresses

  • Balloons in every colour of the rainbow make an ideal decoration for your evening – weight them down with a pot of chocolate gold coins – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • Get the party started with multi-coloured cocktails or mocktails and, if you love a bad joke, why not have a ‘guess the weight of the pie’ competition (‘Somewhere, over the rainbow, weigh a pie…” – get it?).
  • This couple simply have to be in line for the title of the ultimate rainbow wedding – from hand decorated rainbow crystal bride’s shoes to colour coordinated cupcake trees, rainbow themed tables with handpainted wooden flower tree centrepieces.
  • Remember to look at all of the additional ideas on our Rainbow Pinterest board!
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