New York landmark wedding table plan

New York landmark wedding table plan –

World Landmarks Table Numbers -

World landmarks wedding table numbers –

So many couples have treasured romantic memories of their favourite city or country. Maybe the groom proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Or, the honeymoon is planned to be in New York City? Bringing these big cities into your wedding seating plan gives your guests an insight into your personal connection with your favourite big city landmarks.

Seating plans and escort cards

The most obvious way to incorporate your favourite landmarks into your seating plan is to use a map of your chosen city or country. Remember that you don’t have to think quite as big – if your favourite place is your little home town, you could choose your favourite shop, bar, country walk and church as local landmarks for your seating plan. Here are some examples of creative landmark wedding seating plans to inspire you:

  • This wedding seating plan was created using the map of the Paris Metro. The table names were based on Parisian landmarks that the couple had the fondest memories for, such as Notre Dame, the Hotel de Ville and Chatelet. Beaucoup d’amour!
  • This well travelled couple used a world map as their seating plan, with worldwide landmarks as table names.
  • Personalising a monopoly board, and using it as a wedding seating plan is a great way to combine your favourite landmarks with a sense of fun! Here is one great example, with another example here using monopoly cards (which you could personalise with your chosen landmarks) as escort cards.
  • The stunning wedding seating plan below uses a panoramic New York city skyline as the backdrop for the seating plan design. Each table is named after a landmark building, with “The Empire State Building” being used for the top table. Not only was that the Bride’s favourite building from her studies at University, it was where the Groom proposed too! Thanks to Kate from Lucabella Photography for allowing us to use the image here.

New York Skyline Seating Plan -

Table names and numbers

Big Ben Wedding Table Name -

Big Ben wedding table name card –

Table décor and favours

The beauty of this theme is that it will compliment a huge range of table décor and colour schemes. Some personal touches can be added by:

  • Including a little note, poem or paragraph explaining why each landmark is special to the happy couple.
  • Searching out favours that are unique to your chosen place, such as Union Jack themed favours for a London landmark wedding, and shortbread and whisky favours for Edinburgh!

Other ideas

This landmark theme ties in very neatly with some of our previous posts, for example World Map seating plans and the ‘Suitcases and trunks’ themed seating plans. We have, of course, also created a Pinterest board specifically to go with this article, which has lots more ideas to include your favourite romantic landmarks in your wedding seating plan.

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