Bride and Groom splashing in puddleOf course, the most important part of planning for rain on your wedding day is to make sure that, if you have an outside reception planned, you arrange an alternative location with your venue, in case of inclement weather. We’ve also researched some more ideas to make your wedding reception go according to plan, from weather-proof wedding seating plans to colour coordinated wellies.

Wedding seating plan

If you are planning an outdoors wedding reception, it would be sensible to make sure that your wedding seating plan is showerproof. Make sure any designs are created with waterproof ink, and if at all possible make sure that the backing board is heavy weight card or plastic coated. Some wedding seating plan designs lend themselves perfectly to a Rainy Day Plan, being inherently waterproof, for example:

Other seating plans use wet weather as their theme:

Venue and table decor

Victorian lace umbrella

Victorian lace umbrella –

  • Collect together as many umbrellas as you can, either in cheerful bright colours or to coordinate with your colour scheme. Create a colourful and funky décor by hanging them upside down from the ceiling of your venue, or from trees if you are outside;
  • Centrepieces of flowers either planted or arranged in Wellington boots;
  • Flower arrangements using little coloured parasols to reflect your colour scheme.

Umbrellas and wellington boots

Whatever your theme, search for umbrellas to complement it – from Victorian lace umbrellas for a tea party or Steampunk wedding to or a LightSabre umbrella for a Star Wars wedding!

Buy some colour coordinating umbrellas for the wedding party, and offer some to guests. If your reception is in the country, consider doing the same with funky colourful wellington boots! Don’t hide them away – put the brollies in a large basket, line the wellingtons up in a stylish coordinating line and they will add to your reception décor.


  • Choreograph a Singing in the Rain first dance!
  • Look at our ‘Singing in the Rain’ Pinterest board for more inspiration and rainy day ideas!
  • For a little musical humour at your reception, ask the DJ or band to be playing ‘Singing in the Rain’ tune as guests walk in to the room, and welcome them with a drink complete with coloured cocktail umbrella.

So, don’t live in fear of the rain ruining your day, embrace the great British weather and plan for the event instead! Just be careful swinging round those lampposts…

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