Star Constellation Table Plan -

Star constellation table plan –

When planning your seating plan, there is no harm in thinking as big as you can and including elements from the solar system and beyond! Planets, constellations, the moon and stars are all beautiful and romantic, and will create a stylish theme for your reception.

Wedding seating plans and escort cards

  • The seating plan shown here uses constellations as table names, with guests’ names listed by a picture of each constellation. Elegantly framed in a simple white frame, it is a work of art in itself!
  • These pretty little star escort cards are displayed on a homemade bottle of limoncello, doubling up as a tasty favour for guests.
  • Of course, for sci-fi lovers, there is no need to stick to our own Galaxy – this couple have named their tables after Star Wars planets. (Remember that we have a whole article dedicated to Star Wars themed seating plans!).
  • If you enjoy a bit of craft, then this glow in the dark constellation map would make a great backdrop for a DIY table plan that will light up the evening! Use a luggage label for the names of the guests at each table and pin it to the relevant constellation that you’ve used as the table name.

Table names and numbers

Star constellation map -

Star constellation wall map –

  • Name each table after one of the eight planets in the solar system. If you have more than eight tables, include Pluto and some of the many moons of the other planets as well. Of course, don’t forget that the top table is at the centre of the universe – the Sun!
  • There are 88 official constellations of stars in the sky – plenty to choose from! Here is a complete list, together with images and their meanings. Use the pattern of each constellation on your table name design – you could even buy or make some using sparkling diamanté crystals to add twinkle.
  • There are more stars than you could possibly imagine, so if you want to name tables after stars, you might want to use this list to choose from the brightest stars, the nearest to earth or the biggest stars.
  • If you are using table numbers, you can still create a celestial feel by using a ‘starry night’ background for your number.
  • And finally, this couple must have done a lot of careful research, and have managed to name each table after a work of art depicting the sun, moon or stars. What a great conversation starter to get guests chatting at the meal.

Table décor

Diamanté table crystals -

Other ideas

After dark, why not organise a local astronomer to come along and give guests a close up view of the starry sky.

As the evening progresses, glitter balls make beautiful starry skies on the ceiling, and guests can dance the night away to the strains of Bing Crosby Swinging on a Star, Van Morrison’s Moondance and David Bowie’s Star Man.

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