Vintage Hollywood table numbers

Vintage Hollywood wedding table number cards –

Whether you love the elegance of the vintage ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’ era of the 1920–60’s, or feel more at home with a modern Hollywood Movie Premier themed evening, the ambiance of a film star wedding is easy to create.

Wedding seating plans and escort cards

Channel the styling of vintage Hollywood glamour, which has strong links with Art Deco styles and themes. This printable Old Style Hollywood seating plan is elegant and simple, with classic Art Deco black and white styling.

This wedding seating plan uses Hollywood vintage couples as table names, with a photo of each couple on the seating plan. As an extra detailed touch, each table card has their photo on one side, with their love story on the other.

Movie ticket escort cards

Movie ticket escort cards –

Mounted on a framed mirror, this lovely seating plan uses classic actresses for table names, such as Monroe, Taylor, Bardot and Hepburn. Complete with black and white vintage style photos, the seating plan oozes Hollywood style and glamour!

Create a unique and personal wedding seating plan, naming tables after your favourite films, modern or vintage, and using the artwork to make a bright and modern wedding seating plan. Here is a great example using modern films, while this seating plan uses classic Hollywood movies.

Movie tickets make perfect escort cards – here are some examples:

Table names and numbers

Red carpet place tag -

Red carpet place tag –

As in some of the examples above, instead of numbering your tables, give them names of favourite films, or famous film stars. At the table, write guest’s names on specially printed theatre tickets, maybe with a suggested character from the film that they could try to impersonate!

Here are some lovely Art Deco vintage Hollywood style table numbers, and here is a great use of movie posters as table names.

Table décor

Use chalkboard clapperboards as table centrepieces, or create glitz and glamour with tall floral centrepieces and rhinestone encrusted menus!

Table decorations can sparkle with miniature Oscars as centrepieces, menus written on clapperboards and of course, a director’s chair for the bride and groom. Include movie trivia cards at the table to get guests chatting and laughing, with prizes of movie tickets or DVDs for the table with the most questions answered correctly by the end of the evening.

Other ideas

If you are handy with Photoshop, play around with some famous iconic film posters and switch the film star for a mug shot of the bride and groom, with the bridesmaids and best man as supporting actors. Have a look online for some lifestyle cardboard cut-outs of famous film stars, or even hire a couple of film star impersonators. Imagine having Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne at your reception – what an unforgettable photo opportunity!

Don’t forget, there are even more Hollywood inspired wedding seating plans on our Pinterest board!

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