TopTablePlanner on the Katie showYesterday was a very exciting day here at TopTablePlanner. We were featured in a roundup of “The best apps for planning your wedding” on a daytime US TV show!

The Katie show, hosted by Yahoo News anchor Katie Couric, airs daily on ABC and is watched by around 2 million people.

Katie was joined by digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong who presented four great apps that will help plan your wedding.

As well as TopTablePlanner, the segment also featured Appy Couple, Postable and Hukkster.

Here’s what they had to say about TopTablePlanner! See Mario Armstrong’s website for the full segment and review of all four wedding planning apps.


Katie: “Alright, next is a website called TopTablePlanner. Now this is cool, because this can be a big pain with paper and trying to figure it out and scratching names out. This is in terms of the seating chart.”

Mario: “That’s right, it’s all of your seating planning. But not only that, you can do the cake table, your dance floor; everything can be established here and as you can see, we have a few people that have been invited to your wedding, Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, Hilary Clinton and so on…”

Katie: “Oh right!”

Mario: “The whole idea is that you can actually pull up all of your guests and you can actually see who’s RSVP’d, and what they need to eat, what they’ve chosen for their meal as well. And, you can just click and drag these things all around which really makes it easy. So, if you, or the mother, or the venue, is in another city or state, you guys can collaborate together – it makes it very easy!”

“A lot of famous people have been using it, including you now!”

Katie: “Those people really are not coming to my wedding! OK, and then finally… You know, they’re welcome to come. If the President and Mrs Obama want to come, come on down!”

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