Moroccan Persian Style Table Number -

Moroccan Persian style table number –

Bring the atmosphere and vibrancy of the Middle East to your wedding table plan with inspiration from the folk tales of the Arabian nights. The tales, told over 1001 nights by the enchanting and beautiful newlywed Scheherazade, include Aladdin, Ali Baba and his 40 thieves and Sinbad the Sailor amongst the colourful tales of wonder and enchantment.

Table plans and escort cards

Table names and numbers

Persian Style Escort Card -

Persian style escort cards –

  • The tales of the Arabian nights are rich with great table name ideas – Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad the Sailor and many more. Here’s a full list.
  • Use lush colour schemes of gold and fuschia pink to bring Arabian style to your table numbers.
  • This style board shows how pattern and texture can be combined to produce the rich colour schemes of Arabia in your table name or number design.

Table décor

  • These magic lamps will work as both place name card holder and a unique favour for your guests.
  • Using the glorious deep purple and gold colour scheme, this wedding table has intricate gold candle lamps and opulent fruit centrepieces which would combine to bring an amazing feel of Middle Eastern promise to your reception.
  • Simple Moroccan motifs can create a very elegant table runner.

Other ideas

Decorate your marquee or hall lavishly, with floor cushions, luxurious drapes and patterned ‘magic’ carpets. Arabian colour schemes are opulent and rich, with luscious deep purples and bright pinks, burnished copper and gold. Ornate decorative lamps combine with tassled patterned fabrics to create a sumptuous Middle Eastern style décor. Even if you are holding an indoor reception, you can create an Arabian tent effect by swagging your ceiling with lightweight fabric interwoven with fairy lights – here are some good instructions to follow. Alternatively, if you can find a large enough piece of parachute fabric you could easily achieve the same bedouin tent effect.

Favours for the guests could be wrapped in glittering velvet bags decorated with Persian embroidery and sequins.

Middle eastern themed entertainment offers a huge variety of options, with anything from belly dancers, Middle Eastern bands, contortionists, camels, elephants, snake charmers, fire eaters, a bed of nails, whirling dervishes and sword swallowers. Although, perhaps finding a local camel and elephant able to attend your wedding may be a little difficult!

Remember that, as always, we have created a Pinterest board especially for this theme, full of fantastic Arabian Night seating plans, escort cards and middle Eastern décor.

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