George at Asda Wedding DressGeorge at Asda has today lauched its eagerly anticipated wedding range online. Stock is apparently already flying out of the door!

Wedding dresses are available for an incredible £60, with men’s suits, bridesmaid dresses and cardigans also available from the retail giant.

Even though the current average cost of a wedding is still around the staggering £20,000 mark, many couples are trying to reduce their budgets as a result of the current financial climate.  These dresses could prove to be very popular.

We haven’t had a chance yet to see what the quality of these wedding dresses from Asda are like so can’t yet pass judgement. When we have some feedback though, we’ll be sure to update this post.

In similar news, John Lewis has today announced the launch of its exclusive range of budget-friendly bridal gowns. Whilst not as low-cost as the George at Asda range (you wouldn’t really expect it to be!) their dresses are also very budget-friendly and I’m sure will be flying off the rails too!

Links: George at Asda Wedding Range | John Lewis Wedding Range

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