Art Deco Wedding Table Plan

Art Deco Wedding Table Plan –

Brightly sequinned ladies in amazing dresses, smart dapper gents with top hats and music to dance the night away to – a ballroom dancing theme to your reception will get your guests laughing, mingling and dancing the night away.

Wedding seating plans and escort cards

  • Art deco fonts are typical of ballroom glamour, as can be seen in this set of escort cards designed for a Ballroom wedding reception.
  • Simple and elegant, these escort cards encapsulate ballroom style perfectly.
  • These lovely escort cards are based on the old fashioned ‘dance cards’ which gentlemen would sign up for a dance with the lady owner.

Table names and numbers

Table names could include:

  • Stars from the popular ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ show past and present
  • Famous ballroom dancers
  • Ballroom dance styles, such as cha cha cha and jive, or waltz and foxtrot
  • Famous ballrooms at home and abroad, such as the Savoy and Blackpool.

If you simply want table numbers, then there are a number of classic styles that you can use, such as Art Deco, which will complement your ballroom theme perfectly.

Table décor

Gilded chairs, red roses and elegant coordinated table furniture will provide you with a romantic setting fit for a ballroom star. Add ballroom touches with dancing couple logos on placeholders, and adorn the tables with sequins and glitter galore!

Ballroom décor is opulent and luxurious – hang long curtained drapes on the walls and long vertical mirrors to create the feel of a spacious ballroom dance floor.

Learning to dance!

Kick Off Your Shoes Wedding Sign

‘Kick off your shoes and dance’ wedding sign –

Even if you don’t know your left foot from your right, a good ballroom dance teacher should set you gliding around the floor like a pro in a few lessons. Alternatively, you could try learning from online lessons – here is a good 4 minute lesson showing the basic waltz step.

If you prefer the more upbeat, less formal dances, you could opt to find a local Modern Jive, West Coast swing or Ceroc teacher – you learn one dance style and you can dance it to most popular music from the last 6 or 7 decades right up to the current chart toppers.

You will usually learn faster if you can have private tuition. However, the benefit of going to regular classes is that you will learn more than your one ‘first’ dance, and get a much better feel for the style of the dances. Note that in most ballroom classes you will dance with your partner, in modern jive, Ceroc and West Coast Swing classes you will move around and dance with different people.

Other ideas

Excite your guests with the dancing bug by inviting a professional ballroom dance troupe to offer lessons during the evening, and to dance with the guests all night long. Why not have a dress up box with feather boas and sparkling tiaras for the ladies, top hats and tails for the gents. Consider rotating your wedding table plan through the evening so that different guests can mix and dance together.

During the dancing, do a couples dance. The DJ will get everyone on the dance floor, then ask for those who have been together at least a year to stay dancing. Then the DJ gradually increases this number, so that by the end, only the longest-lasting couple is still on the dance floor. The newly married couple can present this long-lasting couple with a bouquet of flowers in congratulation.

Remember to have a look at our Ballroom themed Pinterest board for more ideas!

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