Monopoly Seating Plan

Monopoly Seating Plan –

A board game theme for your wedding reception is guaranteed to break the ice and get guests talking. We take a look at the ways in which you can incorporate your favourite board games into your wedding seating plan and table décor.

Wedding seating plans and escort cards

Monopoly has been popular ever since its invention in the early 20th century. It also offers a wealth of ideas for seating plans and escort cards. For example, shown here is a printed design incorporating the Monopoly logo and card design into a stylish and effective wedding seating plan.

Alternatively, the title deed cards from a monopoly game can be used very effectively as escort cards, with either the original Monopoly road names as table names, or your own choice of personalised road names.

Scrabble is a popular traditional family favourite, and offers many creative options for a seating plan or escort cards. For example, use scrabble tiles mounted on a scrabble game board to spell out the table names. List the tables and associated guests below the board. Or, if you prefer escort cards, use scrabble tiles again to either spell out table names/numbers on your chosen cards, or guest’s names.

Other games can also inspire your wedding seating plan. For example, use the game ‘Guess who’, with a photo of the guest on the front of each section, their table name on the back. Use a set of dominoes as a set of escort cards – add up the dots to find your table number! Chess is a great game for seating plan inspiration. In fact, it is so good that we have already written an entire article with plenty of ideas.

Table names and numbers

Scrabble Table Numbers

Scrabble Table Numbers –

Table names could include:

  • Road names from the traditional game of Monopoly or, use your own with names that are personal to you (where you met, where you lived, where you grew up…)
  • Your favourite games – from dominoes to scrabble, card games to casino favourites, the options are endless!
  • Chess moves – for example, checkmate, castle, en prise.
  • Chess pieces – king, queen, rook, knight, castle, pawn.

If your theme is based on the game of scrabble, you can create unique table names or numbers using scrabble letters. For example, the scrabble themed table numbers shown here use traditional scrabble tiles mounted on scrabble tile holders.

Table décor

  • Place cards for guests could be created from scrabble tiles, mounted on tile holders or simply mounted on card that coordinates with your wedding colour scheme.
  • Use board games as mats for your floral centrepieces. The game Mousetrap would make a great interactive centrepiece!
  • Place travel sized board games on your tables, to act as ice-breakers. Favourites could include snakes and ladders, Ludo or Cluedo.

Other ideas

  • Set up a board game table, with games for guests to play during the reception.
  • Find some oversized board games, such as chess or snakes and ladders, to play outside.
  • Give guests dice as favours.
  • Don’t forget to take a look at our Pinterest board with even more inspiration for your board game wedding seating plan!
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