Wedding album memory book

Wedding album memory book –

The perfect ice breaker for guests at tables, as well as simple and easy to do, why not incorporate a craft project in your wedding seating plan? Your guests will all contribute to a creative and imaginative alternative to a guest book that will bring back happy memories for years to come. We have come up with some ideas to get you started:

Seating plan memory book

Involving your guests in creating your wedding memory book will mean that you can create a special, cherished book that will always bring smiles of happiness to you both.

Your wedding table plan will be they key to the whole project. Design your seating plan with a book theme, giving each table a chapter number – chapter one is obviously the top table! Here is a lovely example, painted on a glass window frame and entitle ‘The book of love’. Included in the wedding table plan design should be a little note explaining to the guests what the idea of the memory book project is, and how they can contribute.

At each table, place a basket of colour-coordinated paper, together with pens, embellishments and some glue. Add a few ‘prompt’ cards, for example – ‘what is the funniest thing you remember about the bride/groom’, or ‘what makes the bride and groom so special to you?’ – to help the guests to think of interesting and personal things to write on their pages.

After the event, choose a memory scrapbook, and label chapters in it, using your seating plan as reference. Under each chapter heading, stick in all of the comments and photos from that table of people.

Origami modular seating plan

Modular origami swan

3D origami swan (different colours available) –

Perfect for a wedding seating plan with an origami twist to it. Include in your seating plan design an envelope of modular origami shapes for each guest to make and sign. After the event, collect up the completed envelopes and you can use the guest’s shapes to make some amazing origami art that will bring back happy memories for years to come.

For example, if you leave some simple white pieces of paper at each table, with these very simple folding instructions, then you will be able to slot all of the pieces together to make this amazing swan. Here are many more examples of origami artwork that can be made from lots of simple-to-fold pieces that your guests could make, all with links to instructions.

Bottled wishes

Give your guests a pen with their escort card, and ask them to write their messages to the bride and groom on the back. At each table, have a few small bottles, ribbon and corks or lids. Ask each guest to make a ‘message in a bottle‘ for the bride and groom, using their escort card.

More ideas!

Create an escort card display using pebbles, asking each guest to write a message for the happy couple on their pebble. Pebbles can be displayed in a glass vase as a life-long wedding memory for the bride and groom.

Alongside your wedding seating plan, have a print of a tree trunk and branches, along with a few ink stamps. Guests make a fingerprint ‘leaf’ after checking which table they are seated at, gradually creating a beautiful work of art to decorate the happy couple’s wall.

Remember to look at our Pinterest page for even more inspiration!

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