Table EntertainmentCreating a wedding table plan is no easy task, as many Toptableplanner users will know. Will your Aunty get on with your old friend from school, or will there be a stony silence? Will his friends from school get on with yours? Wouldn’t you be pleased if everyone was talking, laughing and socialising regardless of who you sat them with? Well using Toptableplanner to seat and Table Tasks to entertain you have the answer.

Established in 2002, Table Tasks incorporate personalised ice-breakers for your wedding breakfast by getting all your guests involved and acquainted for the duration of your celebrations. Having been an actress for some years, company owner, Lynn Jinks, often provided ice-breaking techniques of a similar nature for high profile corporate and social events, and training sessions. After a friend asked if she could do the same for her wedding, Lynn gladly obliged and it was a huge success and stands as it is today; unique, interactive and bespoke wedding breakfast entertainment!

Table EntertainmentEach guest is given an envelope with their name at their place setting, and the message ‘Open on instruction’. A guest on each table is a designated leader, who reads instructions to their table from the information provided within their envelope. Each guest is given an individual fun task to complete, which has been created by Lynn beforehand; which could be anything from ‘Tell the table how you met the bride’, to the more outrageous ‘Kiss the groom in two places beginning with H’!

Table Tasks is tailored to suit all, by matching the tasks to the personality of each guest; the tasks can be adapted for guests from the age of 2 to 102! Guests will feel special, important and considered in the planning of your day, and happy guests make for a memorable day for all! Creating a buzzing atmosphere in time for the speeches is not only crucial for the bride and groom, but it is a great way for the best man to feel slightly more at ease with a warned up room before his speech!

Lynn is happy to accommodate you and your big day, ensuring that your tasks are with you in time for your day, “No two wedding days are, or should be the same, it’s an entirely personal event and I am happy to work with you to achieve a unique aspect to your day. We can meet in person before I devise the tasks or if it’s easier we can discuss it all over the phone and through e-mail, I understand how busy the run up to a wedding can be.

So, to make your wedding stand out and to make your day a day to remember for both you and your guests, let the fun begin and visit or call or e-mail Lynn on 0781 641 7879 or

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