The beauty of wrapping your wedding favours is that you can choose paper or material that matches the colour of your seating plan perfectly. There are many different ways to wrap favours, and it doesn’t have to take you hours of fiddly work! Here are some simple and straightforward ideas that will help you bring style, colour coordination and that unique personal touch to your tables.

Wrapping boxes

Wedding Favours In BoxesIf your favours are not boxed or a simple shape to wrap, then consider buying a little plain box to place each gift inside before you wrap it. This will save a lot of time and you can focus on ensuring that the wrapping coordinates beautifully with your table layout.

Your choices of paper are huge – think about tissue paper, flocked paper or eco friendly recycled paper. You could even print out your own wrapping paper, complete with the date and details of your wedding. Plain brown parcel paper can look incredibly stylish when finished with a beautiful coloured ribbon.

This video uses a larger box than you will use for favours, but shows very clearly how best to wrap a simple box shape using wrapping paper and double sided tape. Look at this article’s Pinterest board for a wealth of wrapping ideas in all sorts of colours and styles.

Using material

Remember that you do not have to just choose paper to wrap your favours – you could choose a pretty organza, soft cotton or rustic linen. The Japanese ‘Furoshki‘ method is a beautiful technique where the wrapping cloth is part of the gift and nothing is thrown away. This video demonstrates the pretty ‘orchid’ wrap which I think would be ideal for favours wrapped in light summer scarves. There are some lovely examples of this style of wrapping on the Pinterest board.


Ribbons come in many colours and styles, from organza to satin, and are another great tool for adding colour and a splash of style. This short tutorial demonstrates how to tie ribbons around gifts so that the bow lies flat on the box. Here is an example of three different styles of bow that you can choose from to decorate your favour box.

Other ideas

Decorate your tables with pretty home made wedding cones filled with the bride and groom’s favourite sweet treats. Simply cut a triangle shape from your chosen paper, roll into a cone shape and fasten with double sided tape or fast drying craft glue. If you are filling the cones with sweets, it may be worth lining the cone with baking paper to stop any oils or colours spreading onto the paper cone.

Cellophane wrap is a quick and easy option for wrapping favours. Rolls of cellophane wrap come in a wide variety of colours – simply cut out squares of wrap, place your favour in the centre, gather at the top and tie with ribbon. You can also buy gusseted cellophane bags which are even easier to use.

Novelty wrapping is ever such fun, but maybe more time consuming. Decorate your boxes with a cut out of a wedding dress and tuxedo, or wrap a tiny favour inside a home made pinwheel.

There really is no end to the possibilities for wrapping your wedding favours – it can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Whatever you choose, your guests will be thrilled with the thought and effort that you have put in to make their memories of your day so special.

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