Disney Themed Table Plan

Disney themed table plan – etsy.com

A Disney theme need not be cheesy or childish, but instead you can easily make it stylish, fun filled and eye catching. We have collected together a selection of ideas full of the magic of Disney, to help you create your very own Disney themed wedding seating plan.

Seating plans and escort cards

  • Using well known Disney princess names for each table, this couple’s stationer has recreated each character as a minimalist Japanese ‘Miffy’ style cartoon.
  • Time to be seated! With tables named as times of the day, these lovely Alice in Wonderland escort cards are quirky and stylish.
  • Great for injecting loads of fun and creating some unforgettable photo opportunities – why not use some Mickey and Minnie mouse ears as place cards or escort cards? This couple did, and came out with some fun filled photos of their day!

Table names and numbers

Disney Wedding Table Number Cards

Disney themed wedding table number cards – etsy.com

A Disney theme provides lots of inspiration for creative and unique table names. For example:

  • Your favourite Disney movies;
  • Disney theme park rides;
  • Disney couples – Fro example, Mickey and Minnie, Ariel and Eric, Peter Pan and Wendy, Lady and the Tramp.
  • Characters from your favourite Disney movie;
  • Memorable Disney songs;
  • Famous Disney places – Neverland, Sherwood Forest, 100 Acre Wood, Wonderland, Pride Rock etc.

The video below shows a selection of Disney’s top 5 weddings to give you some more ideas!

If you prefer table numbers, then simple add image of a famous Disney couple – here is a great example of one that uses Beauty and the Beast.

Table décor

Hand painted Disney wedding glasses

Hand painted Disney wedding glasses – etsy.com

Use bright red tablecloths, with black and white accents, picking up on the Mickey and Minnie Mouse colour scheme.

Add small Disney touches, such as Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper pots or Cinderella carriage candles to add to your themed table décor.

Other ideas

Choose your favourite Disney Character, and hide pictures of them around the reception room. Guests have to find as many as possible. (If your favourite character is Nemo, you’d automatically have a great title for this game!)

Capture your Happily Ever After memories with a photo booth. Lay out some props ranging from Mickey ears to Princess tiaras, Pooh’s honey pot to masquerade ball style Disney character masks, and encourage your guests to have fun!

This Disney theme links well with other articles in our blog series, such as Fairy Tale seating plans and our Blockbuster movie seating plan article.

As for all of our articles, we have created a Pinterest board, full of ideas and inspiration to help you create your very own Disney themed wedding seating plan.

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