Origami SwanWe have talked in a previous article about origami, and the Japanese tradition that folding 1000 paper cranes will make your wedding dreams come true. We have looked for some fantastic guides, tutorials and ideas that may inspire you make your own origami wedding accessories.

What you will need

Origami paper in your chosen colour and design – you can either make all of your origami in one colour or maybe choose a selection of complementing colours to give added depth and variety to your origami decoration. The thinner the paper, the smaller the origami pieces you will be able to make. For an authentic look, consider buying some proper Japanese Origami Washi or Chiyogami paper, available from online stockists.

Every crease needs to be crisp – you can either run your fingernail or the end of a plastic ruler along it, or use a ‘bone folder’ tool to give a really crisp and neat finish.

The only other thing you will really need is a nice, flat surface to fold on and a little time – make sure you start your origami project well before the big day to avoid a huge rush at the last minute!

What can I make?

Flowers – Some simple flowers to fold include the lily, lotus, rose, daisy and tulip.

Butterflies – bring a breath of spring with a butterfly wedding theme, use different sizes of paper to make small and large butterflies.

Cranes – probably the most well-known origami wedding icon, folding 1000 cranes is said to bring good fortune to the happy couple. The video here shows how to make a simple origami crane.

Where to use your origami

Origami wedding seating plans

If you have made cranes, you could hang them in beautiful in vertical strings. This idea could be transferred to any other origami creation such as butterflies or flowers. This couple used their threaded cranes to create their unique origami wedding seating plan and here, simple cranes of different colours are used as a seating plan.

Place cards

Use your little origami creations to decorate your guest’s place cards at the table. There are some great ideas on our Pinterest board.

Table decorations

If you have the patience to make a few hundred simple triangle folds while you watch Eastenders, then you will be able to make this stunning modular origami swan as a table centrepiece. You can also arrange origami flowers in a similar way to fresh ones, using a little wire and oasis in a beautiful vase. This lovely centrepiece uses an origami box with matching flowers on the favours, a perfect finishing touch.


A traditional Masu box would make a lovely box for wedding favours. Lucky stars are said to represent your hopes and dreams – perfect for decorating favours. There are a lot more ideas to be found on our Pinterest board.

Other ideas

  • Button holes for men, corsages for the ladies
  • Use your origami flowers as hair decorations
  • Use any small origami creations as coordinating cupcake toppers
  • Decorate your wedding cake with symbolic cranes or beautiful flowers
  • Make some humorous fortune teller games for the tables
  • Origami bride and groom
  • Napkin folding is an art in itself!
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