Wedding Chair CoversChange boring plain banquet chairs into stunning, coordinating and imaginative chairs, for the perfect stylish wedding. Discover how you can create your own chair décor using ribbons, sashes, flowers, signs or even a full chair cover – all to match perfectly with your colour scheme and wedding theme.


Instead of a room full of plain chairs, tying simple sashes across each chair creates an instant splash of colour, style and coordination. Sashes can easily be made from strips of fabric, such as tulle, satin, organza or raffia. The simplest to use are probably materials which will not require hemming, such as organza or tulle.

Colours can be chosen specifically to coordinate with your wedding colour scheme – remember that you do not have to choose the same colour for every chair, but could use a range of harmonious colours to decorate your wedding chairs. You can also sew decorative ribbon or embellishments on to enhance your sashes – but remember that you will probably be making quite a few so factor in the amount of time it will require.

How to tie a sash

Tying a basic knot:
Line up the middle of the sash with the middle of the chair, and tie the sash in a tight knot. Hide the knot by rotating it until it is hidden with the organza sash itself, or by placing a flower or other decoration over it.

Tying a bow:
Tie a tight knot, as above. Continue to tie a bow, making two loops if the material is thick. When the bow is tied, spread the material on each loop out so that the bow is wider. If the bow loops flop, pull the ends to make the loops slightly smaller. It is possible to use wired material, which will add rigidity to your bows.

The video tutorial here shows how to make a very pretty double bow, using organza material and a contrasting ribbon.

Other options:
Tying the sash Obi style, making a rosette knot or tying the sash vertically .

Making your own fabric chair covers

To make your own fabric covers you will need to be able to use a sewing machine and plenty of time (or plenty of friends who also have sewing machines!).

Simple covers

Sew ‘pillowcase’ pattern slipcovers for the chair back, and add ribbon or an organza sash.

Full chair covers

Wedding TablesDue to the amount of fabric required, and the time it would take to sew a number of full fabric chair covers, it would probably be a cheaper option to hire full fabric chair covers. However, remember that you do not have to cover all of the chairs at your reception, simply creating stunning covers for the bride and groom’s chair, or for the chairs at the top table would look amazing. If you are a keen seamstress and like a challenge, instructions for sewing your own full fabric chair covers can be found here.

DIY Chair back signs

Hanging decorative signs across the backs of chairs can be a great alternative to place cards and a fun way of letting your guests know where they are sitting. Print names onto card and hang from ribbons, or use mini chalkboards to write ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ for the bride and groom.

The joy of chair back signs is that they can be designed to tie in with your wedding theme. For example, here are instructions for fabulous Art Deco ‘Mr’ and Mrs’ decorative chair signs, or for more ideas browse our Pinterest board.

Decorative hanging ribbons

Chairs that have a bar straight across the back of the chair are ideal for tying hanging ribbons – but be warned that they take just as long to remove after the event! Or use a coordinating ribbon with long tails to tie a simple flower posy to chairs.

Adding flowers to your chair decor

Chair-back posies can be used as a favour for guests, as well as a decorative accessory for your seating. If you use silk, dried or paper flowers instead of real ones, you can make posies or trailing garlands well ahead of time, and they can act as a lasting memory for the guests that take them home. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Don’t forget that there are lots of examples of all sorts of chair décor on our Pinterest board, from ribbons and ruffles to mistletoe and origami flowers. Be inspired!

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