Super Mario Wedding Seating PlanDo you love to play computer games almost as much as you love your husband or wife to be? Then this geek chic gamer’s wedding seating plan theme is for you. From a touch of vintage arcade games to modern Minecraft, we’ve scoured the net and found a great selection of gaming themed ideas to get you started.

Seating plans and escort cards

  • If you love the Wii, then design a Wii Mii for each guest, and use it to create a personalised seating plan.
  • Choose you favourite video game to base your wedding seating plan on. The Super Mario seating plan shown here is very clever!
  • Why stick to just one game when you can use lots? Jerred and Stephanie have chosen 9 of their favourite games as table names, and given each guest a character from that game. Another committed couple used a similar idea, and spent hours creating fantastic individual escort cards for each guest.
  • If you can find one, a real vintage arcade machine makes the perfect stand to display your seating plan on, and comes in handy after the meal as well – anyone fancy a game of Space Invaders or Pacman?

Table names

Choose favourite characters from your games as table names, or choose a selection of your favourite games. This couple drew their World of Warcraft characters for this artistic WoW table name. This beautifully decorated sweetheart table draws its inspiration from vintage Mario Bros games. Here are table name cards using popular game logos, and this couple have used quotes from their favourite games. This Sonic the Hedgehog table card is cleverly pixellated.

Table décor

Mario Hama Bead Keyring - eBayThis 8-bit flower arrangement would make the perfect centrepiece for any gamer themed wedding. Taking ideas from the little icons in Mario Bros, these table centrepieces are instantly recognisable. If your reception is continuing after dark, then these World of Warcraft stained glass table lamps would make the perfect addition to your table.


Have you ever used Hama Beads? If not, here is a quick tutorial, showing you how to make some 8-bit Pacman ghosts. The way that they create slightly pixellated images is perfect if you would like to make your own 8-bit style wedding favours to add a personal gift for all guests. For example, Hama bead Mario keyrings, or this sweet ‘health bar’ necklace. Computer game geeks will love these keyboard cufflinks, and if you have favours already planned, why not put them in themed boxes. Slightly cheesy but rather lovely, these ‘we clicked’ mouse mats would be perfect favours.

Other ideas

Have a look at our Pinterest board for lots of other fun computer game geek chic themed wedding ideas, including this PC tower card box, Wii Mii cake toppers and much more.

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