Gothic style table number luminaries

Gothic style table number luminaries –

Make a statement with your Gothic wedding seating plan! Colour schemes of black, crimson and purple, with black lace and red roses, Victorian lace and intricate damask – we take a look at everything you’ll need to turn your seating plan into a Gothic work of art!

Gothic inspired seating plans and escort cards

Use a large chalkboard to create a rich black design with hibiscus around the edge to add elegant Gothic charm.

Shabby chic glass doors are the unusual and effective choice for this seating plan, which would be perfect for a vintage Gothic reception décor. An old English calligraphy font is perfect for this plan in the style of a Gothic scroll, based on Harry Potter school house names. Opting for the link with Halloween, these escort cards use miniature pumpkins! These black, white and red escort cards ooze elegance with a subtle Gothic theme.

Alternatively, erring on the macabre aspect of Gothic style, these escort cards are mounted against a headstone and skull backdrop!

Table numbers and names

Gothic chalkboard table number - etsy.comChoose rich and opulent styles for your table names or numbers. Alternatively, reflect your love of all things Gothic by choosing table names as characters or places from your favourite Gothic novel or film, or a favourite goth band / musician.

These wedding tables are numbered simply, but the black, red and white colour scheme accentuate the elegant romance of gothic style. These table numbers use silhouettes of Victorian candelabra, whilst the Victorian black and white style of these escort cards, table numbers and menu really add to the Gothic charm. This place name card has a hint of the old black and white horror film to it, whilst these table numbers are framed with ornate Gothic picture frames.


Just because you want a deep, dark and delicious Gothic theme to your décor does not mean that you need to do away with the idea of traditional floral centrepieces to your tables. However, you can swap pastel pink posies for deep black magic roses, pretty white daisies for crimson/green trails of love-lies-bleeding, or white lilies for the deep purple cala lilies. Use velvet, satin and lace ribbons and instead of pretty glass vases, go for black glass vases or ornate wrought iron bowls.

Other Gothic inspired centrepieces or table décor could include peacock feathers, candelabras and large pillar candles – plus any other gothic curiosities you may find in dark corners of your local antique shop!

Other ideas

With a Gothic wedding, venue is a hugely important choice. Find a Bram Stoker style medieval castle, a (haunted?) stately mansion, or a shadowy twilight reception in a hall with nigh, vaulted ceilings.

Remember that there are more fantastically gothic ideas on our Pinterest board, and of course our recent steampunk article is closely related in many ways.

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