Pink Tissue Paper FlowerNo expensive florist’s bills, flowers that coordinate perfectly with your colour scheme and everlasting blooms to keep your wedding memories alive for years to come. All you will need is some tissue paper and time to be able to make your own stunning tissue paper flowers, and your table decorations will be the talk of the town.

You will need:
Floral wire
Floral tape (green, slightly stretchy tape)
Tissue paper and scissors

Single petal method

This is a fairly time intensive method, but gives some of the most realistic results. It is useful to have a reference picture of the flower you are trying to recreate.

First, cut a piece of floral wire long enough to be the central stamen of the flower, and use crepe paper to make the stamen. Cut out enough petals (refer to your picture for a rough outline shape) and slightly pleat each petal at the base before attaching it to the central stamen wire with tape.

Here are instructions and templates for a tulip, a peony, a lily and a rose.

Continuous petal method

This is a faster method for making flowers, particularly suited to making flowers such as carnations, daisies and dahlias. Make the stamen in the same way as the single petal flowers. Cut a strip of crepe paper in a continuous petal pattern. Attach the petals and shape them carefully.

Here are instructions and templates for spidermum, carnations, dahlias, and daisies.

Adding leaves

For either method, you can also create some simple leaves to add to the flower

Accordion fold method

This is also a faster method than the single petal method, ideal if you are planning to make a large number of flowers for garlands or arrangements.

Take several sheets of crepe paper, either of the same colour or complementing colours. The size of the pieces depends on how large you want the flower. Lay them on top of each other and simply make accordion fold them all the way across – as if you were making a paper fan. Take some wire, string or a pipe cleaner and tie it around the centre of the folded paper. Then pull up each piece of tissue paper, one by one, to create the flower.

Here is a simple tutorial:

Other ideas

  • Add rhinestones to your flowers for a little sparkle.
  • Don’t just stick to small flowers – think big and make some huge pom pom style flowers to decorate the venue with.
  • Use your flower theme throughout the wedding, from tiny flowers on invitations, through to flower garlands at your wedding venue and flower centrepieces at your reception.
  • Give your flowers to your guests as they leave as a lasting memento of your wedding.

Using your home made flowers to add style to your seating plan

Of course, home made flowers would make beautiful arrangements for tables. But you do not need to stop there! How about using them as:

  • Place card holders
  • Decorative flower garlands for tables
  • Attached to twigs to make a decorative escort card tree
  • Decorations for your venue
  • To decorate favours or napkin rings

More ideas and inspiration

For lots of creative ideas and more tutorials, visit the Pinterest board we have created specifically for this article.

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