Lego wedding table plan

Lego wedding table plan – via Twitter

Would you believe it, Lego has been around for over 70 years. In that time it has captured the imagination of young and old throughout the generations.

A true icon of childhood toys, Lego is fun, imaginative, slightly quirky and instantly recognisable – perfect to incorporate in your wedding seating plan. Remember to follow the links to see examples of the Lego in action!

Seating plans and Escort cards

Lego lends itself perfectly to escort cards. The simplest option is probably to use single bricks to act as the base for your cards, or even to simply write or stick guest’s names onto individual bricks. However, the huge range of Lego “mini-figures” means that you could also choose a figurine for each of your guests, and make individual banners for each figurine before arranging them on a flat or tiered Lego base.

This couple have used Lego mini-figures – ranging from Cowboys and Indians to Star Wars – to name their tables on their Lego seating plan.

Have a look at our Pinterest board for lots of other inventive Lego seating plan ideas.

Lego themed table plan

Lego themed table plan –


Not only for the children, Lego makes a great favour. Give each guest a little bag or box of lego pieces and challenge each table to make the a Lego masterpiece from their pieces. Use Lego to make bowls or open top boxes, in which you can put tasty treats and sweets at each table. And of course, the children will be in their element – how about some Lego mini-figure crayons which should occupy them nicely during the speeches.

Lego minifigure wax crayons -

These Lego minifigure wax crayons make great favours! –

Lego Place Cards -

Lego Place Cards –

Table décor

This wedding table décor is beautiful and unusual, with a stunning Lego sphere centrepiece. If you are a talented Lego artist, how about making some floral Lego table centrepieces, or a romantic wedding arbor. Or, a simpler idea of a candle in a bowl surrounded by colourful Lego pieces.

Other Lego wedding creations

There are a host of great Lego wedding cake designs to be found. I particularly like this one, and this little detail of Lego men laying the final touches to the cake’s icing! Lego figures are also just the right size to act as honorary ring holders, and a carefully made Lego heart can make a fantastic wedding photo prop!

And finally…

This wedding portrait is simply amazing. Not only is it made entirely from Lego bricks, it was also put together by the guests at the wedding! If you watch the video, you will see that the picture started as a large backing board divided into a numbered grid. Each guest had a piece of the grid to make out of Lego, to an exact design. When they had made it, they stuck it on the portrait to gradually build up the image.

What a stunning, remarkable and memorable gift to the newlyweds on their wedding day!

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