Bicycle Table Numbers

Bicycle themed table numbers –

A bicycle themed wedding seating plan combines the romance of pedalling through the countryside together with stylish images of tandems and Penny Farthings. It can be incorporated very well into other themes such as shabby chic, or country style wedding seating plans.

Seating plans and escort cards

If you can find an old vintage bike, or even a tandem or Penny Farthing, they can be put to great use as your wedding seating plan. Have a look at these examples:

Alternatively, if you can find somewhere to buy lots of bicycle bells, you could use them to great effect as escort cards and favours – look at this example for inspiration.

If you like a good pun, how about these bike escort cards/favours which include the phrase ‘We’re wheelie glad you came’!

Table names

Bride and Groom riding a bikeSimple table numbers work well with this theme, as the image of a tandem – a bicycle made for two – is so striking! Here are a few examples:

Having said that, there are also many imaginative options for table names. A few ideas:

  • Name tables after parts of the bike – handlebars, bell, pedals, gear levers!
  • Use a map of a famous bike race (Tour de France, London to Brighton), and name tables after stages in each race.
  • Name tables after famous bike races, such as Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, UCI Pro Tour etc.
  • For a classic vintage twist, name the tables after lines of the famous ‘Daisy Bell’ song (written by Harry Dacre in 1862).

Table décor can easily incorporate a bicycle theme, for example this lovely tandem bottle holder, or these printed tandem wedding napkins.

And finally…

For the couple who love to amaze – arrive at the reception on a bicycle made for two, complete with tin cans, top hats and veils (over helmets). A cautionary note – even for the experienced cyclist, riding a tandem takes a little practice, so wobble around a little in the privacy of your local park to save falling off in your wedding gown!

Remember to check our Pinterest cycling wedding seating plan board, for plenty of other wheelie great ideas for your cycling themed wedding!

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