Gently crashing waves on an deep blue sea, pure white sand and swaying palms – a beach wedding reception is the epitome of romance. Whether you choose the soft sands of Cornwall or the warm seas of the Caribbean, we have gathered together some great ideas to make sure that your beach wedding seating plan looks great on your big day!

Beach hut wedding table plan -

Beach hut wedding table plan –

Colourful beach hut table plan -

Colourful beach hut table plan –

Beach wedding seating plan

Shell place card holder

Shell place card holder –

There are lots of beach themed accessories that you could use to tie in a standard wedding seating plan with a seaside theme. For example, decorate your plan with shells, images of bright tropical fish, star fish, beach huts or buckets and spades.

Other great ideas include this lovely ‘message in a bottle‘ escort card bowl, a creative beach lounger and parasol escort card design or this unique pebble seating plan.

Table décor

Use a sand coloured table cloth and white crockery, with seaside accent colours such as turquoise or yellow. Flowers arranged on driftwood make great centrepieces, as do shells in a large glass bowl or a small fish tank with colourful fish (check with a pet shop which tanks and fish would be suitable). If you are continuing on into the evening, table lanterns will provide a romantic after dark glow.


Doubling up as escort cards, these sweet photo-frame deckchairs make great favours. If your chosen favours are not particularly beach themed, coordinate them by wrapping with blue paper, rafia tie and a little starfish charm. Sweets or scented candles can be presented in small buckets, saops in the shape of starfish or simply a beautifully varnished shell would make memorable themed wedding favours.


Beach weddingIf you are using a large marquee with its own floor, or on the grass area near to the beach, this will enable you to choose and decorate your tables and chairs as you wish. However, if your reception is actually on the beach, get creative with anything from draped haybales, large cushions or the traditional deck chair through to driftwood logs, trestle benches or even a couple of wooden crates with a surfboard on top!

Other things to consider

If you are in a hot country, guests will very much appreciate a small fan, mister, bottle of cold water, sunscreen, shade and so on. If you are in a cooler country, consider providing shawls or pashminas for shoulders. Provide a selection of flip flops, especially if there are likely to be sharp shells in the sand. Make sure that you set up your reception tables far enough away from the shore line to allow guests to hear above the noise of the waves and, importantly, above the high tide line!

After dark, offer bug repellent sprays and citronella candles. Set up strings of fairy lights, hanging or table lanterns to light up the tables so the party can go on into the night!

We have collected together examples of many of these ideas and more on our beach wedding Pinterest board. Be inspired by the beauty and romance of the sea!

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