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Use vintage keys for your escort cards or place cards –

Steampunk style is a glorious mix of Victoriana and fantasy, clockwork cogs and top hats, all mixed together with a good helping of funky attitude – a spectacular theme for a wedding seating plan. If you have never come across steampunk before, have a look at this wedding photo shoot to see how steampunk’s whimsical take on Victorian industrialism and Gothic romance can create a unique and enchanting wedding. We have collected together some fantastic ideas for your seating plan and table décor, with some great links to steampunk images to inspire you!

Wedding Seating Plans

There are so many elements of steampunk that lend themselves to a seating plan. Steampunk style incorporates many of our previous blog topics, such as shabby chic, calligraphy, suitcases, chalkboards, frames and paper flowers.

Steampunk wedding table number -

Steampunk table numbers –

Table names can be chosen from many different areas, for example:

  • Victorian sci-fi authors and characters. Steampunk style has evolved from the elaborate, imaginative images of the future as described by authors such as Jules Verne and HG Wells. It draws on the style of characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Jekyll and Hyde. These table names use Victorian images and are printed with an antique finish.
  • Steampunk role playing games such as Space 1889, World of Warcraft, and Dungeons & Dragons are full of fantastic characters that would make great table names.
  • Steampunk imagery – these escort cards use a different shaped cog for each table.

If you choose to simply number your tables, how about using some steampunk imagery to make your plan unique. The table number sign shown here uses very elegant images of cogs, while this escort card display uses Victorian silhouettes pinned in an ornate frame. Luggage tags and keys are used to create this wedding seating plan, and this one uses beautiful calligraphy and a set of antique keys. Here is a great use of an antique suitcase, and this seating plan uses Victorian fonts and imagery.

Table Décor

Steampunk inspired seed packet wedding favour

Steampunk inspired seed packet wedding favour –

Visit your local antique shop and let your imagination run riot! Steampunk style includes anything featuring Victorian industrialism – cogs, keys, wheels, clocks or clockwork innards. Look for any shabby chic Victoriana – aged silk or paper flowers, vintage lace and pearl necklaces. Pick up any ornate frames, chalkboards and suitcases. It is impossible to go over the top. Look – here is the result!

On a slightly simpler note, this table, with decorated chairs, uses a deep Gothic red cloth which matches the heavy red curtains in the room. Keys and antique lace feature in this steampunk table décor.

Cards and Favours

Continue the steampunk theme throughout your reception! Have a go at making card boxes from a vintage suitcase or covered with steampunk paper. Wrap your favours in paper printed with black and white vintage images, with steampunk labels.

Remember, have a look at our page on Pinterest for some unique, original and funky steampunk designs for your very own Steampunk wedding seating plan.

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