TopTablePlanner on the Apple iPad2007 doesn’t seem like that long ago, but in the world of computer and internet technology, it certainly is. Back in 2007 we were all just starting to get to grips with a new social networking site called Facebook, muttering under our breath about Microsoft’s new operating system Vista, and giggling with joy at Apple’s new device called the iPhone.

Five years later and the world is noting another major milestone in the online world: TopTablePlanner has been updated to become fully compatible with the very latest iPad, iPhone, tablet PC and smart phone devices. Well, perhaps not necessarily the world, but TopTablePlanner is used in over 70 countries, and has helped many thousands of people find their seats more easily.

When the original iPad was launched in April 2010, it was a pretty big hit, selling 3 million units within 80 days. When the latest iPad was launched in March it sold 3 million units in 3 days. That just shows how much people have warmed to iPad and tablet PC technology, with a huge number of people now switching over to using an iPad more than a desktop PC, Mac or even a laptop. We already know that many people in the wedding planning business now rely on iPads as the most convenient way to work on the move, collaborate with businesses and service providers, and work with couples planning their special day.

TopTablePlanner in action on a laptop and iPadWe’ve listened to you, and are aware that almost all alternative seating planning software is limited to a particular platform, is Flash-based, or simply doesn’t work with touchscreen devices like iPads and iPhones. By updating our software, it is now possible to create beautiful and accurate seating plans wherever you are, quickly, easily and conveniently, and across almost every possible platform.

Imagine sitting at home putting together your wedding seating plan on your PC, sending a message to your husband or wife-to-be at work, where he or she is able to have a look at the seating plan on their Mac or even on their iPhone, and then send across a message to the wedding planner, who happens to be at a different venue, but who is still able to have a look at your seating plan on their iPad.

In fact if your wedding planner has access to the internet and an AirPrint compatible printer then they can easily print a copy of your wedding plan there and then, regardless of where they happen to be. From start to finish it is a seamless service, and because there is nothing to download, and no software to install, it is extremely convenient and very versatile.

We like to think that the launch of the new iPad is mainly to provide an even clearer screen to see the brilliant table plans which can be created by the newly updated and upgraded TopTablePlanner service. You can be confident that we’ll be keeping an eye on the changing ways in which wedding planners, venue coordinators and couples are using technology and the internet to make sure that Auntie Flossie always gets to sit closest to the toilets, and that Uncle Derek and his ex wife Gertrude are seated as far away from each other as possible, and we will be there making TopTablePlanner the number one choice for wedding table planning.

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