I know that many of those of you who follow this blog are as fascinated as I am by the sheer range of wedding table plans which people have come up with. One particular idea appears to have cropped up a few times lately, and seems to have become something of a trend.

The Table Plan Tree

Wedding TablesIt’s the table plan tree. For those who aren’t familiar with the idea, It involves making an attractive card, decorated however you choose, with the table name or number printed at the top, and the names of those guests on the table underneath. A string or ribbon is attached to the card, and it is then hung from the branches of a small tree.

This can be either a real tree in a pot, or simply branches, decorated if you wish. Each table’s card is hung from a different branch, at different levels.

Many of the examples of wedding table plans created in this way seem to have numbered tables, but as most of you will be familiar by know, I don’t usually recommend doing this. I would suggest that depending on your theme, you could name your tables after types of tree, such as Oak, Willow and Maple.

If you’ve come across a table plan tree, why not send in a photo for us to share with others?

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