Art Deco Gatsby Wedding Table Plan

Art Deco Gatsby-style wedding table plan –

Immediately recognizable, the style of Art Deco is characterised by geometric designs, bold colours and stylized images. Emerging from the spirit of optimism immediately following the first World War, its distinctive shapes, decorative embellishments and artwork make it an exceptionally striking motif for a wedding theme.

Imagine Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, boogy on down to the sounds of the Charleston, put on your top hat and tails and you will be swinging to the sounds of the Art Deco 1920’s era.

Art Deco wedding seating plans

To bring Art Deco into your wedding seating plan, use the ‘Parisian’ typeface (or similar). Have a look at the work of famous artist Charles Renee Mackintosh to draw inspiration for the Art Deco geometrically elegant pattern work. Our Pinterest board has many other ideas to inspire you, including:

Art Deco Seating Plan -

  • This wedding seating plan is typical of Art Deco style in colour as well as typography;
  • This seating plan uses a border and font typical of Art Deco, successfully moving away from the black and white colour scheme;
  • These Art Deco escort cards are pinned into delicious truffles;
  • These escort cards move away from the common colour scheme of black and white, using Art Deco font and pattern to great effect;
  • Drawing inspiration from 20’s ballrooms, these escort cards are smart and stylish.

Table numbers and names

Art Deco Table Numbers

Art Deco Table Numbers –

A lot of the effect of Art Deco comes from the simplicity of style, combined with geometric patterns and fonts. For this reason, choosing simple numbers for tables could work incredibly well.

Other great ideas could build on themes from the 20’s, for example the Great Gatsby or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or use Art Deco images from the 20’s like this Chicago table name. Use ornate card holders, such as this glittering place card holder, to add a little sparkle to the table.

Art Deco venues

Art Deco can be found in much architecture of the 1920’s – famous London buildings which have an Art Deco architecture are the Savoy and Claridge’s. A scout around your local area for theatres or hotels that have survived in good condition and will act as a wedding venue could yield some amazing results.

Art Deco colour schemes

Use a black and white colour scheme for your reception décor, maybe with a silver accent, to replicate the black and white films of the 1920’s era. Dress tables either in white linen with sparkling sliver beaded candle lamps, or in black satin with crystal glasses filled with Calla Lillies or white roses.

Place decorations on circular or rectangular mirrors, which will reflect light around the room and add a feeling of space.

An alternative centrepiece has to be perhaps the most iconic art deco form – that of the ‘lady lamp’. It is a nude or elegantly clothed woman in a striking and elegant pose, holding an incandescent orb with a bulb behind it. These lamps would add superb dramatic lighting at a bar or table.

Finishing touches

To finish off your evening, hire a classy jazz band who can play jazz, swing and Charleston music by the likes of Cole Porter, George Gershwin or Rodgers and Hart. For an added touch of opulence and iconic style, use a vintage Rolls Royce to whisk the bride and groom away at the end of the perfect Art Deco inspired evening.

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