Over the last few weeks, we’ve been publishing a series of bite sized seating plan tips on Twitter. With Tweets being limited to 140 characters, these really are quite compact!

So here’s our complete list of tips for arranging your wedding seating plan with as little stress and headache as possible.

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Making the plan

Summer flowers wedding table plan

Summer flowers wedding table plan – etsy.com

Tip 1: Start your seating plan early as it’ll take longer than you think. Don’t leave it until the week before!

Tip 2: Table numbers can imply a hierarchy so think about using table names instead.

Tip 3: Make a large seating chart which shows everyone which table they are on to save having to check each table.

Tip 4: If you’re having a large wedding consider having two seating charts to avoid a large crowd blocking the doorway.

Tip 5: Consider using software such as TopTablePlanner to help you arrange your seating. It’ll save you a lot of time and stress!

Tip 6: Be prepared for last minute changes – make the seating chart as late as you can.

Tip 7: Trying more than one different version can make it easier to hit on the perfect plan.

Tip 8: If you’re having a buffet or small informal event, don’t feel you need to have a seating plan.

Tip 9: If there’s a choice of meal, mark each guest’s choice on their place card to help the waiting staff.

Different types of guests

Kids table sign

Kids table printable PDF sign – etsy.com

Tip 10: Don’t use your seating plan to try and matchmake single guests. It’ll be obvious and they won’t thank you for it!

Tip 11: Always sit younger children with their parents but consider a separate table to sit older children together.

Tip 12: Consider putting crayons and colouring books on tables to keep your younger guests entertained.

Tip 13: Don’t sit elderly guests too near any speakers as they may moan about the noise.

Tip 14: Make sure elderly guests are sat near enough to hear any speeches. Don’t sit them too near loud speakers though!

Tip 15: Depending on the mix of guests you might want to put children nearer the back of the room

Tip 16: Think about who needs access to lavatories/more space at the table – young children, wheelchair users, pregnant ladies.

Arranging your guests

Traditional wedding top table

Tip 17: If the traditional top table layout doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to try something different!

Tip 18: If the bride or groom’s parents are divorced you may need to make sure they are not seated too near each other!

Bride and Groom With Bridesmaid At Wedding ReceptionTip 19: You’d usually alternate males and females around the table, but don’t worry if this doesn’t work for all tables.

Tip 20: Try to keep groups together where you can – family, friends, work colleagues.

Tip 21: If at all possible, don’t separate couples even if only one of them is a bridesmaid or usher.

Tip 22: Really try and think about who will get on best together – that’s the ultimate aim!

Tip 23: Make sure that everyone knows at least one other person at their table.

Tip 24: Think about the family dynamic and avoid putting people together who you know will argue!

Tip 25: Avoid having a table of leftover people who don’t fit anywhere else. It’s better to mix them across all tables.

Tip 26: Consider assigning guests just to tables rather than to actual seats if you feel it would work.

Arrange your tables

Tables at the wedding receptionTip 27: Make sure the tables closest to the top/head table are reserved for close friends and family.

Tip 28: Aim to have a maximum of 10 at a round table – any more and it’s hard for everyone to talk.

Tip 29: Find out if your venue can accommodate a few different sized tables. It can make the seating plan much easier!

And finally

Tip 30: Remember, do whatever feels right for you. Don’t feel pressured by anyone to put certain guests in certain seats.

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