Creating a wedding seating plan can be a surprisingly difficult task. If you have a huge number of people coming to your wedding, trying to establish who should sit with whom, who needs to be kept well away from whom, and where you’re going to sit Great Uncle Gerald so that his party piece doesn’t upset too many other guests is hard.

On the other hand, if you have only a very small wedding it can be equally challenging trying to develop a wedding seating plan that doesn’t end up with only one small table in the middle of the room over which the Top Table looms formidably.

Yet another problem for many people concerns the Top Table itself, with extended families or unusual family arrangements meaning that through sheer politeness you seem to be required to plan a Top Table that’s about the same length as a football pitch.

Here are two possible ideas to consider which could help solve some of these issues:

1. Instead of having a Top Table, abolish it. Instead create a wedding seating plan which simply uses round tables for everyone, and split up those people who would normally be on a Top Table so that they’re seated on several ordinary tables. This helps in cases where numbers are low, or the Top Table would end up being too long to be reasonable.

2. Taking the first idea a step further, create tables of 8 places, but only seat 6 people to a table. If you only have a small wedding, and a small number of tables, why not have the Bride and Groom move to a new table for each course, occupying the two empty places each time? This provides a much better opportunity to chat with everyone in a relaxed manner.

There are many other great ideas for developing your perfect wedding seating plan – visit for more.

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