Laser engraved acrylic table plan with LED lighting

Laser engraved acrylic table plan with LED lighting –

Eminently versatile and able to complement any colour scheme or theme, acrylic is a transparent material that can be cut, engraved and coloured to create an amazing wedding seating plan!

Are you looking for a seating plan idea that will complement your chosen theme and colour scheme, is stylish yet simple and will be the talking point of the reception? May we introduce acrylic – also known as perspex – an inexpensive, versatile and beautiful material from which you can create seating plans, escort cards and wedding table decorations that perfectly match your wedding décor.

Wedding seating plans and escort cards

It is fairly straightforward to find a printer who will print your seating plan onto a sheet of acrylic. These printed wedding seating plans can be displayed in a number of ways, including:

  • Placed in front of a mirror and framed;
  • Mounted on a colour coordinating back board;
  • Mounted on a dark back drop and illuminated using LED lights.

Laser cut etched acrylic escort cards

Laser cut etched acrylic escort cards –

Similarly, if you choose to have acrylic escort cards printed, there are many options. For example, these made to order, personalised acrylic escort card drink stirrers which can be placed in the guest’s welcome drink. They are versatile in both design and colour, complementing a multitude of colour schemes and wedding themes. They also double up as a wedding favour for guests to take home.

Other perspex escort card ideas include:

  • Remember that acrylic can be either transparent or coloured, enabling you to create a stunning geometric mobile escort card display by hanging coloured printed lucite shapes from clear thread;
  • Use clear acrylic shelving to display your escort cards. This is particularly effective with bright backlighting which will allow the acrylic to catch the light;
  • Place engraved acrylic blocks on a table which is covered in a cloth of your main wedding colour, accented with flowers in a coordinating hue. The block will pick up the colours, creating a beautiful and stylish display.

Table names and numbers

Acrylic illuminated place cards

Acrylic illuminated place cards –

Many arts and craft shops will sell clear acrylic numbers which, placed among your chosen flowers or alongside your centrepiece, will provide a simple and stylish table number display.

You can also order personalised, engraved acrylic blocks which are designed to match your wedding stationery.

Watch this great video tutorial for all DIY fans out there, showing how you can easily make your own stylish, colour coordinating table numbers using an acrylic block.

The personalised lucite name cards shown here are illuminated, which would look stunning in an evening reception. Using small LED lights they are safe and eye catching.

Also fashionable and currently on-trend are acrylic chairs for your reception tables. Also known as ‘ghost chairs’ they are unique in their ability to create light and space in a packed venue, as they are almost invisible at first glance!

Other ideas

We have collected together even more great ideas for creating your wedding seating plan from acrylic on our Pinterest board. Don’t forget to have a look to find even more inspiration!

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