Window Box Table Plan

Window Box Table Plan

Today, we’re very pleased to be featuring this wonderful window box table plan sent to us by Kate who got married on the 21st May earlier this year.

Kate wanted to have all the traditional elements of a wedding such as bridesmaids, cars and table plan but at the same time wanted them to have a creative twist so that they would be unusual and different from other weddings.

She’d seen traditional table plans, mounted on card and placed on an easel but the closer it got to her wedding, the more she decided she needed more quirk in her table plan.

Cue her husband-to-be! He got to work 10 days before the wedding with his circular saw and wood.  She told him exactly what she had envisaged for their table plan, and he made all her dreams come true.

The Wedding Window Box Table Plan was born!

Kate got to work with Photoshop and her paper trimmer. She grabbed the ribbons and hot glue and had an abundance of pink flowers to stick on the table plan. It was looking just as she’d hoped, but was still missing the key ingredient: the flowers!

The Plants

They placed it in the car the day before the wedding and stopped off at a garden centre (which was handily a 2 minute drive from the venue), spent some money on pink bedding plants and compost and set off for the venue. Getting out their gardening gloves, they proceeded to plant the bedding plants in the car park of their wedding venue. Just them, the table plan, the compost and several hotel guests looking on in confusion!

Butterflies and FlowersKate told us, “The thing weighed a ton but looked absolutely fantastic on the day – everyone commented on how well it tied into the wedding and how unusual it was.”

A new business

Kate is now in the process of setting up her own creative design and stationery business. Make my Day UK now offers a service to make this style of table plan for other weddings – you can hire the window box and have it fully dressed and all the seating plans made for a very reasonable £30 – and stand out from the crowd!

Send us your table plans

We’d like to thank Kate very much for sending us her pictures and telling us about her wonderful table plan. If you’d like us to feature your plan, please see this blog post for further details.

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