Help - Arranging Guests and Tables

How can I make the plan bigger to fit more tables in?

You can make the plan bigger or smaller by changing the values in the Settings menu or by dragging the little boxes that are in the middle of the right and bottom edges of the plan.

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What is the maximum number of guests and tables?

Theoretically you can have an unlimited number of both guests and tables! In tests using a modest PC, events with 500 guests were handled with ease. Larger plans, however, may take slightly longer (approx 10 secs) to load and save.

Can I import guestlists from other files?

Yes, you can import your Excel and Word guestlists.

Excel iconFor Excel files:

Word iconFor Word documents:

How do I copy my guestlist to a new TopTablePlanner plan?

Just save your plan with a different file name and make a new layout.

How do I move tables around to make it look like my venue?

Just drag the tables around to exactly where you want them.

Scaling - How do I adjust the plan to match my room/marquee dimensions?

Exact scaling is not supported by TopTablePlanner. As table and chair sizes may vary from venue to venue, we wouldn't be able to guarantee precise measurements and so a plan would not be accurately to scale.

You can, however, use the gridlines on the plan as a guide. Firstly, find out the measurements of the tables your venue will be using. You can then add a table to your plan and see how many grid squares that table occupies, and consequently how big each grid square represents in reality. Finally, you can adjust your plan to match the dimensions of your room/marquee.

Whilst it won't be completely precise, it should give you a close approximation.

How do I rotate tables?

Click on the arrows inside the table (either clockwise or anti-clockwise) to rotate it 90 degrees.

How do I add or delete seats from a table?

Click on "Edit" on the relevant table and select "Add Seat" or "Remove Seat" from the menu.

How do I rename tables?

Click on "Edit" on the relevant table and select "Rename Table" from the menu. Type the new name in the box and click "Ok".

How do I delete tables?

Click on "Edit" on the relevant table and select "Delete Table" from the menu.

How do I delete guests?

If you want to delete a guest completely, click on the icon at the far right of their entry in the "Add/Edit Guests" menu. Alternatively, drag the guest onto a blank area of the plan, right click on the guest and select "Delete Guest".

If you just want to remove a guest from the plan back to the "Unseated Guests" list, move the guest to an empty/blank area of the plan and then right-click on the name and select "Return to Unseated".