Help - Saving and Sharing Plans

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How do I save my plan?

Simply click on the disk icon in the menu and change the plan name if you want to.

Does the software automatically save my plan?

Yes, if the box is ticked on your 'My Account' page, the software will automatically save your plan every 10 minutes, and when you exit.

Where are my plans saved?

Your plans are safely stored and backed-up on our servers. This means you can access and edit them from any PC/Mac worldwide!

How many plans can I save?

You can save up to 5 plans at any one time with a Personal licence and 20 plans with a Professional licence.

How do I email my plan to someone else?

Click on the printer icon, set the options and click on the "Create and Open PDF" button.

When the PDF opens, use the relevant menu in Adobe Reader to save the PDF and then attach it to an email in the usual way.

If you don't already have Adobe Reader installed, you can download it here.

iPad users should install the free Adobe Reader app and when the PDF is created by TopTablePlanner, click to "Open in Adobe Reader". You can then use the menu in the Adobe Reader app to "Email Document".

I've just created a new plan but it's been deleted.

If you save a plan that has no tables or guests added and then exit the table planner it is automatically deleted. This helps you as you don't end up saving empty plans.