Help - Technical

What do I need to use TopTablePlanner?

Just your web browser! There is no need to download any software which means you can access your plans from any web-connected PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. You can easily use the trial to check your computer and browser are compatible.

What browsers are TopTablePlanner compatible with?

We have tested TopTablePlanner with Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. You just need to make sure Javascript and Cookies are enabled, but don't worry as they usually are by default.

What screen resolution do you recommend?

We recommend you have your browser window maximised and your screen set to a minimum resulution of 1024x768.

Can I access it at work and at home?

Yes, you can access it from any PC or Mac using your password.

Does it work on both PC and Mac?


Can I use TopTablePlanner on my smartphone or tablet?

Absolutely! We have tested TopTablePlanner using Apple's iPad and iPhone and on a variety of Android devices. Again, you can easily use the trial to check your particular device is compatible.