101 Great Ideas for Your Wedding Table Names

World map table names

Name tables after places you have visited together - etsy.com

At a wedding, tables are traditionally identified by a number. However, this can result in a perceived hierarchy with people complaining "I'm only at table 12 where so and so is on table 6".

To avoid this, you could use names for your wedding tables rather than numbers. These could be themed - for example people, objects or places that are relevant or meaningful to you as a couple.

With this in mind, we have collected together 101 of our top suggestions for table names.


  1. Transport - take inspiration from the Underground map of London or other cities;
  2. Choose a place that is special to you as a couple, and use its landmarks as table names;
  3. A bicycle themed seating plan could see tables named after famous cycling events, cyclists or places you have cycled together as a couple;
  4. Paris - if you love Paris in the Springtime (or any other time of year!), then use a map of Paris as a seating plan, choosing your favourite locations as table names. Alternatively, there are 20 arrondissements which would be perfect Parisian table names;
Vintage world map with country table names

Vintage world map table plan with cities for table names - etsy.com

  1. London tourist attractions or bridges over the Thames;
  2. If the world is your oyster, then use a whole world map as a seating plan. Table names could range from countries you have travelled to, famous capital cities or oceans of the world;
  3. If you are going on an interesting/exotic honeymoon, then use it as inspiration for table names. For a safari you could use names of animals, for a beach holiday you could have palm trees, white sand, azure seas, coral reefs etc;
  4. Make a reference to where you met. If you met at university you could have landmarks from that town or a list of colleges/halls/bars;
  5. Streets you've lived on;
  6. Towns or places that mean something to you both.
London street sign table names

London street sign table names - etsy.com

New York street sign table names

New York street sign table names - etsy.com


Tables named after your favourite birds

Tables named after your favourite birds - etsy.com

If you are nature lovers, then bring the countryside to your reception by choosing table names based on:

  1. Garden nature, such as your favourite garden plants. Read our blog about garden seating plans;
  2. The beach offers plenty of inspiration, from famous beaches around the world to beach themed words, eg starfish, sand, rock pool etc;
  3. Local beauty spots – you could incorporate these in a rustic theme;
  4. Colours of the rainbow – read more in our blog 'Somewhere over the rainbow';
  5. Names of beautiful Springtime butterflies;
  6. Names of your favourite birds;
Flower table names

Name tables after your favourite flowers - etsy.com

  1. Flower names - if you are having one flower type in your decorations you could pick varieties for the name. For example, Roses - Damask, Albas, English, Noisette or tea;
  2. Daisies – Gerbera, Meadow, Marguerite or Oxeye;
  3. Names of Trees;
  4. Your favourite local countryside walks, or famous walks around the world and the names of the people who first walked them;
  5. Safari animals;
  6. Seasons - a winter wedding's tables could be called icicle, snowflake, blizzard etc;
  7. Latin names of plants and animals;
  8. Countryside - choose names connected with the countryside such as meadow, bluebell, buttercup etc.


Movie themed table names

Movie themed table names - etsy.com

  1. Star Wars characters, ships or planets;
  2. Hollywood movies old and new;
  3. Bond movies;
  4. Your favourite films or directors;
  5. Your favourite actors and actresses;
  6. Disney princesses - here's a list;
  7. Famous couples - e.g. Fred and Ginger, Anthony and Cleopatra, the Lady and the Tramp, Romeo and Juliet. Here are some more examples;
  8. Bollywood films, music, actors or actresses;
  9. Your favourite big screen kisses or romantic moments.


Friends themed table plan

Friends themed table plan with tables named after classic episodes - etsy.com

  1. Classic sci fi – names of all the Doctors, Starfleet ships or characters from the Lord of the Rings – sci-fi geeks everywhere will love these table names!
  2. Favourite childhood TV programmes will get the guests talking about long forgotten shows;
  3. TV characters past and present, or from a favourite programme;
  4. Cartoon characters past and present;
  5. Favourite TV channels;
  6. TV couples;
  7. Period dramas.


Vinyl records table names

Vinyl records make great table names and centerpieces - etsy.com

"If music be the food of love, play on!" Draw inspiration from music for your table names. For example:

  1. Favourite vinyl records;
  2. Favourite albums;
  3. Favourite artists and bands;
  4. Broadway musicals;
  5. Favourite songs - names of songs by artists you both like;
  6. Best gigs or music festivals you've been to;
  7. Favourite lyrics;
  8. Your favourite bands from your past – what did you listen to when you were teenagers?
  9. Favourite operatic arias, symphonies by Beethoven or classical music from films.


Tables names after motor racing circuits

Name your tables after famous motor racing circuits.

Are you snooker loopy or a football fanatic? Then share your love of sport with your guests! Table names could include:

  1. Formula 1 - you could have names of drivers, teams or circuits;
  2. Famous sports players, either across the board or chosen from your favourite sport;
  3. Olympic athletes, events or medallists;
  4. Premier League teams, players or football stadiums;
  5. Football players from your own teams - past or present;
  6. Sporting venues and famous sporting events;
  7. Sporting terms (eg 'deuce','game, set, match', 'net!' – for a tennis theme).


1920s Art Deco themed table names

1920s Art Deco themed printable table names - etsy.com

  1. Iconic images or themes from your favourite decade of the last century – for example;
    • Famous figures from the swinging 60s - Twiggy, the Beatles, Louis Armstrong or Mary Quant;
    • Famous films from the Art Deco style roaring 20's – Breakfast at Tiffanys, The Great Gatsby or the Wizard of Oz;
  2. Periods of history – The Tudors, Ancient Greece or the Space Age to name but a few;
  3. Famous Kings and Queens;
  4. Historical monuments.


Photos of the bride and groom throughout the years

Photos of the bride and groom throughout the years - etsy.com

Tell your guests a bit more about yourselves by choosing names from your time together. For example, table names could include:

  1. Memories - a selection of personal memories;
  2. Meaningful dates - when you first met, the date of your first kiss, the date you got engaged;
  3. Hobbies - words connected with a particular passion one or both of you have - if you are golf fanatics, for example, then you could use names such as tee, 19th hole, fairway, green etc;
  4. Your wedding venue. If you're getting married in a town or country with an interesting history then pick out some of those people/events;
  5. Your heritage/ancestors. If you have a Scottish connection then use all things Scottish - tartan, whisky, kilt, loch etc. This couple did just that!
  6. Words that sum up your relationship - trust, laughter, companionship etc;
  7. Members of your family. How about all the grandparents and great grandparents (depending how many tables you have!).


Comic book table names

Comic book table names

  1. Comic books - your favourite superheroes to comic book catchphrases such as 'Zoink', 'Kapow' and 'Vroom';
  2. Fairy tales – Grimm or Disney, names could be based on fairy tale lands, fairy tale romances or simply characters from your favourite stories;
  3. Shakespeare - sonnets or plays, characters or well known quotes, Shakespeare is a goldmine of great table names;
  4. Arabian nights – with 1001 tales to choose from, you'll not be short of table name ideas!
  5. Favourite authors or poets;
  6. Favourite books, or your favourite heroes and heroines from books you both love;
  7. Your favourite romantic quotes from poetry or prose.
  8. Alice in Wonderland characters - a garden tea party theme;
Table names based on favourite authors

Table names based on favourite authors - etsy.com

Alice in Wonderland themed table names

Alice in Wonderland themed table names - etsy.com

Food and Drink

Wine themed printable table name signs

Wine themed printable table name signs - etsy.com

  1. Favourite chocolate bars;
  2. Flavours of ice-cream;
  3. Retro sweets from your childhood;
  4. Cocktails – here is a list of names of different cocktails to get you started;
  5. Types of wine grapes - here's a complete list;
  6. Different types of whiskies;
  7. Flavours of tea varieties and blends – Earl Grey, Darjeeling or Assam;
  8. Cheeses from the UK or around the world;
  9. Favourite restaurants, local or worldwide;
  10. Your favourite desserts.

Scientific, mathematical and geek-chic

Constellation table names

Name your tables after star constellations - etsy.com

  1. Maths – mathematical symbols, patterns or puzzles;
  2. Scientific – elements from the Periodic table, famous scientists or molecular structures;
  3. Computer gaming – names of your favourite video games, World of Warcraft characters or Sonic and his friends;
  4. Solar system – planet names, moons and constellations.

Other ideas

Steampunk themed table names

Steampunk themed table names - etsy.com

  1. Colours connected with your theme - so if your colour is blue, tables could be sky, midnight, royal and azure;
  2. Gemstones - names of gemstones e.g. sapphire, diamond, emerald and ruby;
  3. "I Love You" - in different languages;
  4. Makes of vintage cars or motorbikes;
  5. Precious metals;
  6. Time of year. If you're getting married in December you could have Christmas names - mistletoe, holly, cracker, mulled wine, or list the reindeer. Here are some real life examples of Christmas seating plans;
  7. Gothic novels, films and bands;
  8. Steampunk role playing games, or victorian sci fi characters and authors;
  9. Favourite artists;
  10. Favourite paintings;
  11. Lego, Scalextric, Monopoly and other iconic childhood toys;
  12. Circus – name tables after different acts such as jugglers, trapeze artists and acrobats. Which table will be the clowns?

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Using names rather than using the more traditional wedding table numbers really is a great way to remove any perceived heirarchy and, of course, a great way to add some fun to your table plan. It'll give your guests an ice breaker at the table too as they try and work out the connection between all the tables.

If you have any great ideas for themes that we haven't mentioned here please do get in touch as we're always adding new ideas to the list. Similarly, if you've got a great idea for a table plan we're always looking to feature them on our blog.

Article written by Adam. See his profile.