Top Table/Head Table Seating Arrangements

Mr & Mrs sign on wedding top table

There are a number of possibilities for placing guests on the Top Table (or Head Table) at your wedding.

Many couples opt for a traditional top table layout but that doesn't always work for everyone. It's your day, so don't think you need to stick with tradition. Feel free to arrange your guests in a way that suits you best!

Traditional Layouts

These are the traditional top table layouts used in the UK, Europe and North America.

In the UK, the Bride and Groom traditionally sit in the middle with their respective parents and the Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man either side of them.

However, in the USA parents host their own 'VIP' tables with the head table seating the bridal party - Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.

Traditional Top Table Seating (UK)

The traditional wedding top table seating arrangement

Traditional Head Table Seating (USA)

The traditional wedding head table seating arrangement

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Alternative Layouts

Unfortunately, modern families aren't always straight-forward and it's often the case that parents are separated, divorced or possibly even re-married. Working out not only who is sitting where on the top table but also who is actually on the top table can be a real headache! Here are a few alternative layouts for accommodating parents.

Alternative Traditional

An alternative traditional wedding top table seating arrangement

Bride's Parents Divorced and Re-Married

Wedding top table arrangement if Bride's parents are divorced and re-married

Groom's Parents Divorced and Re-Married

Wedding top table arrangement if Groom's parents are divorced and re-married

Something Different

If you really can't get a top table layout that works for you, then how about trying one of these ideas.

A 'sweetheart table' gives the two of you some precious time together while you eat.

Or why not have no top table at all! Leave a couple of extra chairs at various tables around the room and sit with different guests for different courses.

You could, perhaps just have a top table consisting of yourselves and the Best Man and Chief Bridesmaid. Or if you already have children, why not have them with you on the top table.

'Sweetheart' Table For Two

Sweetheart table for two
  A Table for 4

A Table for 4
  With Children

The Bride, Groom and their children
  No Top Table

No Top Table

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