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Once Upon A Time… A Fairy Tale Wedding Table Plan

Happily ever after wedding tagsDid you love fairy tales as a child? Full of romantic princes and princesses, love’s first kiss and happily every afters, fairy tales embody the perfect sentiment for your wedding seating plan. We take a look at how you can incorporate a little fairy tale magic into your seating plan and table décor, from subtle magical touches to horse drawn carriages, castles and ball gowns. Dreams really can come true!

Seating plans and escort cards

Table names and numbers

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Table Number

  • Table names can be directly based on fairy tales – choose your favourite fairy tales from Grimms’ Fairy Tales or choose from Disney’s version of the classic tales for inspiration. A fantastic little extra touch would be to place a copy of the story on each table.
  • If you are planning to include a sweetheart table, a perfect touch is to name it simply ‘Happily Ever After’.
  • Choose classic phrases such as the ‘Stroke of midnight’, ‘Dreams do come true’ and ‘True Love’ as table names. Here is an example, using the story of Cinderella as inspiration.
  • The simple table number to the right here has a great pumpkin carriage print.
  • Other ideas for table names could be:
    • Fairy tale lands – Wonderland, Rivendell, Sherwood Forest or Narnia.
    • Fairy tale romances – Cinderella and Prince Charming, Beauty and the Beast, Fiona and Shrek.
    • Fairies from a Midsummer Night’s Dream – Titania, Oberon, Puck or Mote.

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Table placecards and décor

Happily ever after cutlery

  • These personalised Storybook Fairy Tale place cards are beautifully in keeping with a vintage fairytale theme.
  • Silver cutlery printed with ‘Happily Ever After’ would make a fabulous finishing touch to any fairy tale wedding table.
  • Pumpkin carriage table centrepieces abound – here are two pumpkin themed centrepiece ideas.
  • Other centrepiece ideas could be small pillows holding a glass slipper, castle or princess figurines, fairy godmother wands or little green frogs!

And finally…

Remember to have a look at our fairy tale Pinterest board, full of magical ideas for your enchanted seating plan. May all your wishes come true!

On A Bicycle Made For Two – A Wedding Seating Plan On Two Wheels

Bicycle Table Numbers - etsy.comA bicycle themed wedding seating plan combines the romance of pedalling through the countryside together with stylish images of tandems and Penny Farthings. It can be incorporated very well into other themes such as shabby chic, or country style wedding seating plans.

Seating plans and escort cards

If you can find an old vintage bike, or even a tandem or Penny Farthing, they can be put to great use as your wedding seating plan. Have a look at these examples:

Alternatively, if you can find somewhere to buy lots of bicycle bells, you could use them to great effect as escort cards and favours – look at this example for inspiration.

If you like a good pun, how about these bike escort cards/favours which include the phrase ‘We’re wheelie glad you came’!

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Table names

Bride and Groom riding a bikeSimple table numbers work well with this theme, as the image of a tandem – a bicycle made for two – is so striking! Here are a few examples:

Having said that, there are also many imaginative options for table names. A few ideas:

  • Name tables after parts of the bike – handlebars, bell, pedals, gear levers!
  • Use a map of a famous bike race (Tour de France, London to Brighton), and name tables after stages in each race.
  • Name tables after famous bike races, such as Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, UCI Pro Tour etc.
  • For a classic vintage twist, name the tables after lines of the famous ‘Daisy Bell’ song (written by Harry Dacre in 1862).

Table décor can easily incorporate a bicycle theme, for example this lovely tandem bottle holder, or these printed tandem wedding napkins.

And finally…

For the couple who love to amaze – arrive at the reception on a bicycle made for two, complete with tin cans, top hats and veils (over helmets). A cautionary note – even for the experienced cyclist, riding a tandem takes a little practice, so wobble around a little in the privacy of your local park to save falling off in your wedding gown!

Remember to check our Pinterest cycling wedding seating plan board, for plenty of other wheelie great ideas for your cycling themed wedding!

A Table Plan Full Of Happy Memories

Photo Escort Cards - via (Mannia&Titta)Do you remember splashing in the puddles on a rainy day, running along a glorious sandy beach on holiday or enjoying a family Christmas together when you still believed in Father Christmas? A wedding provides such a good opportunity to collect together all your happy childhood memories and remember them with your family and friends.

We have collected ideas for wedding seating plans, escort cards and table décor especially to help you create a fun filled wedding complete with as many happy memories from the past as you will be making on the day.

Seating plans and escort cards

  • This tall room divider makes a perfect photo and wedding table plan frame. On one side, you can add photos from your life, on the other is your seating plan.
  • Bring back memories and have a bit of a giggle by using baby photos of your guests in your seating plan!
  • Photo Seating Plan -

  • Choose just one perfect photo, and have it printed as the background to your wedding seating plan as shown here.
  • Find a photo of each guest from a happy time together, and clip it to a board with a peg to make an escort card board. A personal note on the back to remind them of your happy memories together instantly creates a brilliant little favour for each guest.
  • This is a great way to create new memories – when guests take their escort cards, they are asked to replace them with a polaroid of themselves for the bride and groom to keep.

Table names and numbers

  • Choose a theme for each table – ‘lazy summer days’, ‘holidays’, ‘Christmas times’ for example – and collect photos from your albums to use as decoration. Don’t forget to include all the funny times – getting lost on a holiday excursion or forgetting to turn the oven on for the Christmas turkey? Disasters at the time, no doubt, but all part of the rich tapestry of your happy memories!
  • Decorate each table with ‘blast from the past’ photographs of each guest – use these photo frame place mats for that extra personal touch.
  • Name each table after a different year, where something significant happened, and add a photo of the bride and groom taken in that year – here is a great example.

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    Table décor

    A great table centrepiece which will get your guests talking is an illuminated photo display. Here is how to make a photo illuminary using frames and here you can discover how to make them in large Mason jars. You can also purchase personalised photo candle holders and even have your own photos printed onto candles as table decoration or favours.

    Other ideas

  • Do you remember skipping in the road with your childhood best friend, or secretly sharing sweeties with your cousin in a garden den? Make up a ‘guess the memory’ box and challenge guests to choose the item that reflects your shared memories.
  • Your wedding day will be the start of a whole new chapter of happy memories, so ask your guests to write their own memories of the bride and groom in a hard backed memory book so that you can keep as many memories as possible – both old and new.
  • A Landmark Wedding Table Plan

    World Landmarks Table Numbers - etsy.comSo many couples have treasured romantic memories of their favourite city or country. Maybe the groom proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Or, the honeymoon is planned to be in New York City? Bringing these big cities into your wedding seating plan gives your guests an insight into your personal connection with your favourite big city landmarks.

    Seating plans and escort cards

    The most obvious way to incorporate your favourite landmarks into your seating plan is to use a map of your chosen city or country. Remember that you don’t have to think quite as big – if your favourite place is your little home town, you could choose your favourite shop, bar, country walk and church as local landmarks for your seating plan. Here are some examples of creative landmark wedding seating plans to inspire you:

    London Wedding Seating Plan -

    • This wedding seating plan was created using the map of the Paris Metro. The table names were based on Parisian landmarks that the couple had the fondest memories for, such as Notre Dame, the Hotel de Ville and Chatelet. Beaucoup d’amour!
    • This well travelled couple used a world map as their seating plan, with worldwide landmarks as table names.
    • Personalising a monopoly board, and using it as a wedding seating plan is a great way to combine your favourite landmarks with a sense of fun! Here is one great example, with another example here using monopoly cards (which you could personalise with your chosen landmarks) as escort cards.
    • The stunning wedding seating plan below uses a panoramic New York city skyline as the backdrop for the seating plan design. Each table is named after a landmark building, with “The Empire State Building” being used for the top table. Not only was that the Bride’s favourite building from her studies at University, it was where the Groom proposed too! Thanks to Kate from Lucabella Photography for allowing us to use the image here.

    New York Skyline Seating Plan -

    Table names and numbers

    Big Ben Wedding Table Name -

    Table décor and favours

    The beauty of this theme is that it will compliment a huge range of table décor and colour schemes. Some personal touches can be added by:

    • Including a little note, poem or paragraph explaining why each landmark is special to the happy couple.
    • Searching out favours that are unique to your chosen place, such as Union Jack themed favours for a London landmark wedding, and shortbread and whisky favours for Edinburgh!

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    Other ideas

    This landmark theme ties in very neatly with some of our previous posts, for example World Map seating plans and the ‘Suitcases and trunks’ themed seating plans. We have, of course, also created a Pinterest board specifically to go with this article, which has lots more ideas to include your favourite romantic landmarks in your wedding seating plan.

    Seating Plans Are Officially The Most Stressful Part Of Planning A Wedding!

    Stressed BrideWe’ve often heard people complaining about how tiring, stressful and difficult creating a wedding seating plan is, and we know that it’s the one task likely to take longer than almost any other. Perhaps it’s because it looks at first glance as though it should be terribly easy to do. After all, you invite 100 guests, you grab 100 chairs and stick them round a few tables, scattering names of loved ones, friends, and even family members across the whole room. Couldn’t be easier, right?

    Wrong. And so many people have said this that we decided to carry out a little research, Facebook style. After all, if there’s one place where people like to gather in order to have a good moan and share in the misery of planning a wedding, it’s Facebook.

    Take A Seat… It’s The Seating Plan Survey Results

    So, we took to Facebook, and after a mere twenty minutes of leaving comments on the latest hilarious cat memes, we posed the question,

    “Arranging the reception seating plan is the most stressful part of planning a wedding.”

    Almost two hundred people responded, with a resounding 65% agreeing wholeheartedly, (130 people out of 198). Given the vast number of other potentially stressful aspects of wedding planning, this really does underline just how awful this element can be.

    TopTablePlanner Facebook Survey

    Interestingly we got quite a few comments posted too, including:

    “I’ve heard plenty of stories of mums and dads falling out with the ‘happy’ couple over new partners, step children etc. nightmare!!”

    “Took my daughter and I weeks to sort it, especially when family/ friends have had arguments in the past.”

    “I’m hating the table plan stuff.”

    Why Is Creating A Seating Plan So Darned Stressful?

    You’d think that a wedding would bring out the best in people, and that since everyone attending is a friend or family member they’d all get on and help support a spirit of harmony and peace.

    Not so. Get the seating plan wrong and it could very well be a disaster that haunts you for years to come. Don’t you dare sit Aunt Belinda next to that frightful bore Uncle Gerald, always remember that Mildred can’t stand children and needs to be seated well away from anyone under four foot, and of course Grandpa Derek must be situated close to the loo.

    Then there’s the whole ‘hierarchy’ issue. Everyone attending will consider themselves your closest friend or most loved family member, and will therefore expect one of the best tables. Number them at your peril.

    Oh, and of course matchmaking tables are out, as are tables where people could potentially end up hurling the favours at each other before the second course.

    Trying to sort out a suitable seating plan where everyone will be happy and have a good time is a little like playing Tetris with a dozen haddock whilst following the rules of chess. Blindfolded.

    Wedding Tables

    Top Tips On Creating A Top Seating Plan

    Whether you call them ‘tips’, or ‘rules’, these are the things you really need to keep in mind when creating a successful seating plan for a wedding, or indeed any other event where guests need to be seated.

    • Don’t leave it until the last minute! Start working out your seating plan as soon as you can, perhaps even before your RSVPs have come back.
    • Start with the top table as this can often be the trickiest. If the traditional top table layout doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to try something different.
    • Keep groups together where you can – family, friends, colleagues.
    • Ask your venue if they can accommodate a few different sized tables. It’ll make arranging the seating a lot simpler!
    • Use table names rather than numbers as that eliminates any perceived hierarchy.

    Another tip we’d add is ‘be flexible’. Even if you’ve had all of your replies back, and you know exactly who is and who isn’t able to come, inevitably this will change. We’ve even known people having to make changes to their seating plan the day before the wedding!

    Don’t go to all the trouble of creating a complicated, detailed and beautiful seating plan too far ahead of the Big Day, so that if Auntie Mary and Uncle Dave divorce, you can place them on different tables, and if Cousin Margaret is now married, you might want to extend an additional invitation. Oh, and if your friend Alf ends up marrying a wombat and emigrating to the South Pole, you can remove him from the seating plan without causing too many problems.

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    How To Create A Seating Plan Without The Stress

    We launched TopTablePlanner back in 2007 (gosh, six years ago!) when we realised just how frustrating creating a seating plan can be, with scraps of paper all over the place, and many changes required along the way. We realised that instead of bits of paper on the kitchen table, any one of which could be blown off or eaten by the dog, it would be a great deal simpler to create an online seating plan solution.

    TopTablePlanner in action on a laptop and iPadWith TopTablePlanner you simply add in your guests (or even import them from a text file), add in your tables, and then re-arrange them on the screen until you’re happy.

    Plans are saved online too which makes it easy to view and edit them from pretty much any computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection – perfect for quickly making changes whilst you’re at work or even when meeting to discuss plans with your venue.

    When you’re done, simply print out the seating plan, along with name cards too if you wish, and wonder what all the fuss was about.

    A fully functioning free trial is available right now, so try it today and stick your family and friends exactly where you want!

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    A Rustic ‘Country Wedding’ Table Plan

    Rustic Country Wedding - photo via nuestraherenciaco (

    Rustic wedding receptions could be in a barn or on a farm, up a mountain or by the lake, in a marquee or a stately country home – wherever you choose your country wedding, rustic chic is the perfect décor.

    Table plans and escort cards

    Perfect if you have chosen apple green as a highlight colour, these charming apple escort cards are a tasty way to let your guests know where they are sitting.

    Birdcage Seating Plan - notonthehighstreet.comEasy to make at home if you are handy with a saw, these escort cards are placed in slots carved into branches and could double as a favour for guests to use as a photo or memo holder.

    Simple pine cones make great escort card holders, and these lovely basil seedlings in moss covered pots, with escort card labels, are a tasty memento of your big day.

    Combining rustic with pretty vintage, this lovely birdcage wedding seating plan could be used by the happy couple as a decorative noticeboard for years to come.

    To add a sprinkle of good luck charm for your guests, how about using lucky horseshoes to hold your escort cards?

    Rustic charm is a key part of some of our previous blog posts – have a look at these posts about creating wedding seating plans using chalkboards, mirrors and frames, escort card trees, garden weddings and shabby chic for more ideas.

    TopTablePlanner - Wedding Table Plan Software

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    Table names and numbers

    Table names could comprise of local beauty spots, or be drawn from the bride and groom’s favourite countryside locations at home or abroad.

    This hessian table runner has the table numbers handpainted in white onto the ends, and these shabby chic wooden table numbers would complement the theme perfectly.

    Shabby Chic Table Numbers -

    Decor and colours

    Hessian (or, as the US calls it, burlap) is a great material for adding a little rustic vintage twist to your décor. It could be used as everything from table cloths to napkins, or more subtly by using it to make pretty table centrepieces or bunting. Other rustic touches to the table could include:

    • Tying hessian around napkins;
    • A little posy of flowers or fragrant herbs to each place setting;
    • Jars wrapped in hessian and tied with rafia to make vases for flower arrangement centrepieces;
    • Red and white checked tablecloths and decorations of dried corn and wheat, carved pumpkins, apples and cinnamon sticks for an autumnal rustic feel;
    Wild seed favours;
    • Bowls of beautiful, fresh, in-season fruit placed in the centre of every table;
    • Adding sparkle with decorative butterflies, dragonflies and peacock feathers.

    Watch this short tutorial to discover how you can make your own fragrant lavender rustic table centrepieces:

    Finishing touches

    Read more on this website dedicated to all things to do with rustic weddings.

    Round your evening off with an energetic, fun filled barn dance or ceilidh. If you think this would be far too old fashioned then think again – do a bit of searching and you can find some very funky contemporary barn dance bands with excellent callers to make your evening fun for all ages.

    Remember to have a look at our rustic wedding seating plan Pinterest board for plenty of further inspiration!

    Wedding Couple In Hay Field - via Jonathan Day (

    A Wedding Table Plan That Is Music To Your Ears

    Wedding Ring On MusicWe love it when our readers get in touch with their fantastic comments and ideas. Music teacher Christine from Southern Maryland, USA has told us of her musical masterpiece wedding table plan:

    When guests walk into the reception hall’s hallway, I will have a yellow (one of my colors) music stand with a chalk board on it reading “Please Find Your Seats”. Hanging from the stand will be 5 long strands of silver (other color) ribbon, with escort cards pinned on the ribbon going down the ribbon. (I have mini clothing pins for pin each card.)”

    “Guests will then go find their seats by composer names, which I made up using scrapbooking paper and placing in cute treble clef holders that I found online. Some composers will be classical, some country artists for my fiance, some rock artists, a nice mix for variety (and fitted for the guests sitting at their tables).

    What a great idea! It not only caters for all of the guest’s varying musical tastes but it also provides a colour coordinated musical theme.

    After reading this, we decided to investigate how music can make your wedding seating plan really go with a swing.

    Seating plans and escort cards

    Concert Ticket Escort Card -

    TopTablePlanner - Wedding Table Plan Software

    TopTablePlanner makes seating plan headaches a thing of the past!

    Simply drag and drop your guests and tables around the screen and create different layouts to see what works best.

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    Table names and numbers

    Treble Clef Table Number - etsy.comThese treble clef table numbers are simple and stylish, as are these lovely violin cut out table numbers.

    This is a great vintage retro style wedding seating plan, with each table names after a favourite vinyl record. An extra special touch would be to have an actual copy of the record on each table, and a retro record player in the corner to play it on!

    You can add a musical touch to so many other themes, for example:

    Don’t forget to look at our musical wedding seating plan Pinterest board for more fabulous musical ideas.

    Table Decorations and favours

    Handmade Vintage Music Heart Decoration - notonthehighstreet.comTable decorations with musical motifs are easy to find in many online and high street shops, and the black and white sheet music and piano keys are ideal to use alongside your chosen accent colour.

    If you are looking for musical ways to wrap your favours, you could use printed sheet music to create your own boxes, or buy these vintage style distressed music paper cups – which also could double up as beautiful escort cards.

    Live Music

    Live musicians, of course, can instantly create any ambience that you want, from a serene and elegant classical quartet to a foot tapping rock and roll band. If you focus on a particular era or musical style, you can use that to generate the whole reception décor – for example swinging sixties or the smooth, elegant sounds of traditional jazz.

    And finally…

    Throwing a great surprise for the unsuspecting new bride, this groom has obviously done a lot of secret planning with guests to organise a tuneful wedding flashmob musical!

    Timelessly Chic Art Deco Wedding Seating Plans

    Immediately recognizable, the style of Art Deco is characterised by geometric designs, bold colours and stylized images. Emerging from the spirit of optimism immediately following the first World War, its distinctive shapes, decorative embellishments and artwork make it an exceptionally striking motif for a wedding theme.

    Art Deco Seating Plan - www.radworksreception.comImagine Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, boogy on down to the sounds of the Charleston, put on your top hat and tails and you will be swinging to the sounds of the Art Deco 1920′s era.

    Art Deco wedding seating plans

    To bring Art Deco into your wedding seating plan, use the ‘Parisian’ typeface (or similar). Have a look at the work of famous artist Charles Renee Mackintosh to draw inspiration for the Art Deco geometrically elegant pattern work. Our Pinterest board has many other ideas to inspire you, including:

    • This wedding seating plan is typical of Art Deco style in colour as well as typography;
    • This seating plan uses a border and font typical of Art Deco, successfully moving away from the black and white colour scheme;
    • These Art Deco escort cards are pinned into delicious truffles;
    • These escort cards move away from the common colour scheme of black and white, using Art Deco font and pattern to great effect;
    • Drawing inspiration from 20′s ballrooms, these escort cards are smart and stylish.

    TopTablePlanner - Wedding Table Plan Software

    TopTablePlanner makes seating plan headaches a thing of the past!

    Simply drag and drop your guests and tables around the screen and create different layouts to see what works best.

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    Table numbers and names

    Art Deco Table Numbers - www.etsy.comA lot of the effect of Art Deco comes from the simplicity of style, combined with geometric patterns and fonts. For this reason, choosing simple numbers for tables could work incredibly well.

    Other great ideas could build on themes from the 20′s, for example the Great Gatsby or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or use Art Deco images from the 20′s like this Chicago table name. Use ornate card holders, such as this glittering place card holder, to add a little sparkle to the table.

    Art Deco venues

    Art Deco can be found in much architecture of the 1920′s – famous London buildings which have an Art Deco architecture are the Savoy and Claridge’s. A scout around your local area for theatres or hotels that have survived in good condition and will act as a wedding venue could yield some amazing results.

    Art Deco colour schemes

    Use a black and white colour scheme for your reception décor, maybe with a silver accent, to replicate the black and white films of the 1920′s era. Dress tables either in white linen with sparkling sliver beaded candle lamps, or in black satin with crystal glasses filled with Calla Lillies or white roses.

    Place decorations on circular or rectangular mirrors, which will reflect light around the room and add a feeling of space.

    An alternative centrepiece has to be perhaps the most iconic art deco form – that of the ‘lady lamp’. It is a nude or elegantly clothed woman in a striking and elegant pose, holding an incandescent orb with a bulb behind it. These lamps would add superb dramatic lighting at a bar or table.

    Finishing touches

    To finish off your evening, hire a classy jazz band who can play jazz, swing and Charleston music by the likes of Cole Porter, George Gershwin or Rodgers and Hart. For an added touch of opulence and iconic style, use a vintage Rolls Royce to whisk the bride and groom away at the end of the perfect Art Deco inspired evening.

    Singing in the Rain – Rainy Day Wedding Seating Plans

    Bride and Groom splashing in puddleOf course, the most important part of planning for rain on your wedding day is to make sure that, if you have an outside reception planned, you arrange an alternative location with your venue, in case of inclement weather. We’ve also researched some more ideas to make your wedding reception go according to plan, from weather-proof wedding seating plans to colour coordinated wellies.

    Wedding seating plan

    If you are planning an outdoors wedding reception, it would be sensible to make sure that your wedding seating plan is showerproof. Make sure any designs are created with waterproof ink, and if at all possible make sure that the backing board is heavy weight card or plastic coated. Some wedding seating plan designs lend themselves perfectly to a Rainy Day Plan, being inherently waterproof, for example:

    Other seating plans use wet weather as their theme:

    TopTablePlanner - Wedding Table Plan Software

    TopTablePlanner makes seating plan headaches a thing of the past!

    Simply drag and drop your guests and tables around the screen and create different layouts to see what works best.

    Try TopTablePlanner FREE today! »

    Venue and table decor

    • Collect together as many umbrellas as you can, either in cheerful bright colours or to coordinate with your colour scheme. Create a colourful and funky décor by hanging them upside down from the ceiling of your venue, or from trees if you are outside;
    • Victorian lace umbrella -

    • Centrepieces of flowers either planted or arranged in Wellington boots;
    • Flower arrangements using little coloured parasols to reflect your colour scheme.

    Umbrellas and wellington boots

    Whatever your theme, search for umbrellas to complement it – from Victorian lace umbrellas for a tea party or Steampunk wedding to or a LightSabre umbrella for a Star Wars wedding!

    Buy some colour coordinating umbrellas for the wedding party, and offer some to guests. If your reception is in the country, consider doing the same with funky colourful wellington boots! Don’t hide them away – put the brollies in a large basket, line the wellingtons up in a stylish coordinating line and they will add to your reception décor.


    • Choreograph a Singing in the Rain first dance!
    • There are even shops that specialise in Rainy Day bridal wear!
    • Look at our ‘Singing in the Rain’ Pinterest board for more inspiration and rainy day ideas!
    • For a little musical humour at your reception, ask the DJ or band to be playing ‘Singing in the Rain’ tune as guests walk in to the room, and welcome them with a drink complete with coloured cocktail umbrella.

    So, don’t live in fear of the rain ruining your day, embrace the great British weather and plan for the event instead! Just be careful swinging round those lampposts…

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    Small Business Sunday Screenshot

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