Testimonials and Reviews

HELLO! Magazine12 Best Wedding Planning Apps for Savvy Brides
"TopTablePlanner will be your new best friend."
HELLO! Magazine - February 2023

Wedding Ideas MagazineAmazing Wedding Planning Apps
"TopTablePlanner can help you ensure you have the perfect layout."
Wedding Ideas Magazine - January 2021

The Herald (South Africa) "Enter TopTablePlanner, an app that allows you to import your list, then drag and drop names onto a table diagram as guests RSVP."
The Herald, South Africa - May 2015

HGTVTech-Savvy Ways to Upgrade Your Wedding
"Our Favorite Wedding Planning Apps"

HGTV, USA - February 2015

ix MagazinReview of event planning apps
iX Magazine, Germany - December 2014

Slice TVThe Top 10 Wedding Apps You Need
"This app can save you a lot of time and frustration."
Slice TV, Canada - July 2014

Weddings IllustratedTop 10 Wedding Apps of 2013
Weddings Illustrated - August 2013

Brides Magazine"Stressing about your table plan? ... Then grab a glass of wine and check out Toptableplanner"
Brides Magazine - May 2010

Jacqueline Gold"How amazing your site is! Actually did what we needed to do in about half an hour :) Thank you so much!"

Chris Rankin, Harry Potter actor

BridesThe 75 Best Wedding Websites

"Kind of like 'Musical Chairs: Wedding Edition': You can drag and drop guest names, tables, and chairs anywhere on the screen at toptableplanner.com."
Brides - March/April 2009

Wedding Ideas Magazine"Toptableplanner is a fantastic new internet-based program that lets you manage your seating plan online. It's got a simple, intuitive interface that gives you complete control of your layout, so you can get the job done quickly and easily - without a scrap of paper in sight!"
Wedding Ideas Magazine - October 2007

Julie Tooby"I recommend you to all my brides - you're' the best ."
Julie Tooby, award winning wedding planner

Julie Dawson"Anything that makes life easier and is fun to use is a plus in my book. Its also incredibly cost effective..."
Julie, The Wedding Genie

Pamela Wallin"Toptableplanner is an online seating plan software which can help you organise the most complex of seating problems for your wedding guests."
Pamela, Weddings In Surrey

Laura, The British Bride"It is great value for money and can be used for any wedding of any size!"
Laura, The British Bride

"TopTablePlanner is amazing, I recommend it to all my brides."
Adele Haywood, Blue Lights Photography

"Well worth it in helping to fight the headaches of seating charts!"
Everyday Celebrating

Image Magazine Ireland6 Wedding Apps To Help You Plan Your Big Day
Image Magazine, Ireland - September 2021

EventPlanning.comImportant Software for Event Planners
"This program is extremely user friendly."
EventPlanning.com - February 2017

London BrideBest Wedding Apps
"Best £10 you’ll spend on the wedding."
Charley Beard, London Bride - July 2014

"The Best Apps For Planning Your Wedding"
The Katie Show, ABC - April 2014

ELLE UK"It's so easy, an 11 year old could do it."
ELLE UK Blog - September 2012

One Fab DayThe 9 Best Wedding Apps
One Fab Day - June 2013

Jacqueline Gold"TopTablePlanner is a tool used to plan the seating for events such as weddings – Great idea!"

Jacqueline Gold, Chief Executive of Ann Summers and Knickerbox - October 2012

Cosmopolitan Bride"We found www.toptableplanner.com a fantastic table-planning website that lets you do all your seating arrangements online. You can access your table plan anywhere and make changes at the click of a button - banishing Post-It Notes for good."
Cosmopolitan Bride - April/May 2008

Claire Gould"You really will save time... especially with any last minute guests."
Claire, The Wedding Calligrapher

Annabel"I was also obsessed with Table Plans (by the way, check out Top Table Planner - it's brilliant!)"
Annabel, Love My Dress Blog

Alison Tinlin"The software is simple to use, easily accessible and comes in several different layouts."
Alison, Plans and Presents

One Fab Day"I had to arrange an awards dinner for 250 people and I used Top Table Planner. This is a super little tool."
One Fab Day

Sara Doron"I can’t actually recommend it more."
Sara, Under The Vintage Veil

"If you are looking for a nice tool to create your seating chart, checkout Toptableplanner."

"TopTablePlanner allows arranging guest seats quickly, without paper and headache"
Review by 3d2f.com

"It's a $20 investment towards your sanity."
Kathy, Brides Know Best

Customer Comments

"Thanks for making such a wonderful application!"
John, Iowa, USA

"I just wanted to thank you for such a fabulous site. It was so easy to use and it added to the success of my party."
Maria, USA

"I found your planner really useful and easy to use. It has helped me tremendously."
Hilary, UK

"Just signed up for this today. This is a BRILLIANT website!!!! Fabulous. Thank you. Everyone should get it."
Philip, London, UK

"Toptableplanner is a nifty website...you can save your seating plan, mess around with it, and see who looks best where. No need for lots of scribbled paper or trying for hours to draw your own."
Helen Spendlove-Hilder

"I just wanted to say how brilliant I thought Toptableplanner was - made planning my wedding reception a doddle. Have recommended far and wide!"
Katie, UK

"It was so easy to use and turned a complicated task into a 'doddle'...I have been recommending it to all of my family and friends, and if I ever need to organise another event I will definitely be using it again."
Laurence, UK

"Your product made the table planning so easy for our wedding so heartfelt thanks."
Rachelle, UK

"The programme is quite amazing and saving us lots of time for the wedding dinner."
Ann, Shoreham, UK

"This is a great table planner and so much better than the paper and pen one I thought I was going to have to do!"
Diana, Cheshire, UK

"The Top Table Planner is great fun and really helpful with our wedding plans."
Janice, Twickenham, UK

"A great app, I've recommended it a few times now."
David, UK

"We've been really impressed with the ease of use and the functionality."
Ben, London, UK

"I would be lost without Toptableplanner at the moment! It's an absolute godsend for sorting the tables!!"
Kate, UK

"I think that your product is fantastic. I have been happy to recommend it to friends."
Julian, London, UK

"The planner itself is very easy to use and is an excellent way to organise the seating arrangements for all the guests. I would certainly recommend it to anyone! BRILL!!!"
Carrie & Craig, Leeds, UK

"I would just like to say how incredibly good it was to use - simple, intuitve and made my occasion so much, much easier to plan. "
Margaret, UK

"Best app ever! I have been raving about it to all my friends and brides to be!"
Katharine, London, UK

"I want to complement your software for making a crazy series of seating tasks much more seamless. Thank you."
Pat, USA

"Great application by the way it actually makes what is possibly the worst part of wedding planning into loads of fun!"
Stefan, UK

"My wife and I recently married, we found Toptableplanner an excellent and easy to use website. It made what could have been a stressful experience of table planning, easy and fun to do."
Julian and Elizabeth, Leeds, UK

"Your planner was invaluable for the planning of my daughter's wedding in August. I don't know how we would have coped without it."
Shirley, UK

"What a wonderful program this is!! It made the whole seating planning part of the wedding a breeze instead of a nightmare!"
Susan, Worcester, MA, USA

"Toptableplanner.com was great and so easy to use - even my mum could use it!"
Chris, Leeds, UK

"I love the software - it's very helpful (and fun)."
Kristin, USA

"I have just begun to plan the tables for our wedding, this is very useful - thank you!"
Andrea, Coventry, UK

"Love the programme - cheers."
Jemima, UK

"It did exactly what it said on the tin."
Jacy, Jersey

"Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for producing this brilliant seating plan...I must say the program was great."
Judy, Kent, UK

"I cant wait to get started and get my table plan all arranged!"
Nicola, Suffolk, UK

"Your website's been great to put together our table plan."
Nabilla, London, UK

"Toptableplanner has been a boon, especially as all the interested parties live in different parts of the country. The table plan has been a joy, instead of the hassle it could have been."
Casper, Worcestershire, UK

"I have to tell you I LOVE your Toptable Planner, I have used it many times before for friends."
Suzanne, UK

"I had a whirl on Top Table Planner last night and it is amazing! An excellent find. We couldn't believe how easy it is, we've pretty much sorted our table plan already!!"
Caroline, Yorkshire, UK