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Arrange your wedding seating chart the easy way!

Arranging your wedding seating chart can be one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning. Figuring out who is going to sit next to whom and at what table can be a real hassle.

Our easy to use seating chart software makes it much more simple and easy. Rearrange your guests and tables as often as you like and create different versions of the room layout to see what works best for your needs.

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  • Add different sizes of round, square and rectangular table.
  • Import guest names from Word and Excel files.
  • Edit your plans from your PC no matter where you are online - from home or work!
  • Track RSVPs and store guests' meal choices.
  • Print Seating charts, place cards and escort cards.


"What a wonderful program this is!! It made the whole seating planning part of the wedding a breeze instead of a nightmare!"
Susan, Worcester, MA, USA

"I think that your product is fantastic. I have been happy to recommend it to friends."
Julian, London, UK

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Why Use Seating Chart Software?

Making up a seating arrangement chart for a wedding the old fashioned way can not only be a headache, it can be time consuming and frustrating. Once you've drawn out the seating chart on a large piece of paper - usually after doing it several times - you run the risk of it being torn or destroyed. Then you need to hand-write the names of your guests on slips of paper and arrange them by hand around the chart.

Why do all this hand work, when you can complete the job in less than half the time with a few clicks of the mouse? Not only that, last minute changes are a breeze and can also be finished in just a matter of a few minutes - no rearranging all those slips of paper again and no keeping track of several separate pieces of paper at the same time!

Tips for Arranging Your Seating Chart

There are several tips for arranging your wedding seating chart. For one thing, seat children near or with their parents. You can have children of the same ages sit with each other, the younger they are, the closer they should sit to their parents.

Arrange older guests and guests who have difficulty walking to sit at periphery tables, near restrooms for ease of access. Older guests usually appreciate being close to the head table so they can hear the festivities and participate, while at the same time being somewhat distant from loud music or the dance floor.

Mingle your single guests with couples. Consider a ratio of two to four singles to a table of one to two couples. Arrange the seating in alternating male/female if you are having specific assigned seats instead of assigned tables only.

Finally, include family throughout the room. Give them the opportunity to mingle with your guests and get to know them, instead of seating family all together at one table.

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