Nautical navy seating chart

Nautical navy seating chart –

Seating plans and escort cards

Use simple accents to add a nautical touch to your existing wedding seating plan – for example, a background of blue and white stripes, some knotted rope or seashells could turn a plain seating plan into a nautical work of art! Here are some other ideas on a nautical theme:

  • These miniature compasses have been inscribed with the guest’s name and table number, which would make both a stunning escort card display and the perfect wedding favour;
  • This nautical navy seating chart uses a navy and white nautical colour scheme;
  • Create an escort card display using small glass bottles, with each guest’s name tied round the neck. Inside, place their table number with a short personalised message from the happy couple to double up as lovely personal favours;
  • Think big – what better for a nautical wedding seating plan than using an old boat or large wooden oars to display it? Alternatively, how about this seating plan constructed from lifebuoy rings?

If you enjoy a DIY project, scout around antique and second hand shops for an old trunk or blanket box that could be decorated to become a nautical treasure chest! Make a false bottom for it, then fill the top few inches with fake pearls, lots of costume jewellery and gold (chocolate?) coins. In or above the lid of the treasure chest, design your wedding table plan as an ancient pirate’s treasure map, complete with ‘X marks the spot’ for the top table. Other tables could be marked with ‘here be dragons’ and plenty of skulls and crossbones!

Table names and numbers

Sailboat table numbers

Sailboat table numbers –

Nautical knot table numbers

Nautical knot table numbers –

Use nautical-themed table number holders, such as knotted rope sailing boats.

If you want to avoid numbers, why not name tables after:

  • Oceans and seas of the world;
  • Famous seafarers and nautical characters – Captain Jack Sparrow, William Kidd, Henry Morgan or Blackbeard;
  • Sea shanties;
  • Nautical phrases – whose table will be ‘walking the plank’?!

Table décor

Decorate your tables with nautical items, such as:

  • Miniature fish bowls with fake fish, coral and shells;
  • Small treasure chests and fill with tasty chocolate coins as a delicious table centrepiece! (You can also use a larger chest as a card box);
  • Practice your nautical knotwork to create a centrepiece or table name holder of knotted rope;
  • Use nautical props, such as anchors, a boat helm wheel or shells and driftwood, to create a centrepiece;
  • For the perfect nautical colour scheme, use blue and white stripes on tablecloths or runners, with a cheerful primary red accent colour for flowers and napkins. The video here describes in detail how you can create a very stylish nautical themed table.

Favours could include starfish thank you favours or a collection of scented shell shaped soaps wrapped in sea-green tulle.


Set the scene by choosing your reception venue as a yacht, pier, ferry boat, lighthouse, beach, aquarium sealife centre or seaside resort. If you live inland, you could arrange a seafood restaurant to host your reception or provide a seafood buffet in a decorated marquee.

Other ideas

Dance the night away to the Beach Boys, or Disney’s “Little Mermaid”, The Beatle’s “Octopus’s Garden in the Shade” or “Yellow Submarine”. What better excuse to arrange a once in a lifetime honeymoon on a cruise ship!

For many more nautical themed wedding seating plan ideas, have a look at this blog’s Pinterest board.

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