Springtime egg nest

Springtime egg nest. Perfect for place cards or escort cards – etsy.com

Easter is a lovely time to have a wedding. Winter is coming to a close and spring is starting to bring sunshine, longer days and fresh flowers with it.

Seating plans and escort cards

A springtime birds nest and eggs will add a breath of springtime freshness to your wedding tables. You can use them as escort cards, displayed on a decorative table with fresh flowers, or as table place settings with chocolate eggs to double up as a tasty Easter favour.

These Easter rabbit cards would make a great seating plan, either mounted in a matching frame, or as escort cards for your Easter theme. Either learn calligraphy and personalise them yourself, or buy them ready made.

Lavender sprigs

Lavender sprigs – etsy.com

Other Easter ideas for your seating plans include:

  • Little bouquets of lavender, daffodils, primroses or other spring flowers tied with a pretty ribbon will make beautiful escort cards;
  • Get creative, and paint some real or fake eggs to match your colour scheme, place on a bed of springtime moss to create an escort card display;
  • Place an Easter egg with the guest’s name in a wine glass at their table;
  • For a great DIY escort card display, use one egg box per table with a chocolate egg in each hole. Top the egg with a flag showing each guest’s name, and place a card with the table number in the lid of the egg box.

Table names and numbers

Ideas for table names could include:

  • Your favourite brands of Easter egg;
  • Springtime flowers – daffodils, primroses, daisies etc;
  • Add a touch of humour and name your tables after different ways of preparing eggs – Benedict, florentine, boiled, scrambled… which table will be the omelette?!
  • Easter represents life beginning again, so names of baby animals would be perfect – lamb, chick, foal, cygnet, duckling, and kittens.

Table décor

Daffodils in a twig vase on the wooden table

  • Yellow and white are great colours for a springtime Easter feel to your table décor. Alternatively, opt for a springtime pastel colour scheme.
  • Find some fresh daffodils, or primrose plants as refreshingly simple table centrepieces.
  • Dot small wicker baskets filled with mini eggs around the tables.

Other ideas

  • Organise an Easter egg hunt, either for the children or just for everyone who is feeling young at heart!
  • Place bowls of miniature eggs around your venue for people to snack on – this will go down well with the children!
  • Again, great for children but fun for everyone, set up an area where guests can paint their own Easter eggs as a lasting memory of your day.
  • This theme links in well with many of our past articles – for example, springtime and rustic wedding seating plans.
  • Don’t forget to check out our dedicated Pinterest board for lots more creative and inspiring ideas for your Easter wedding seating plan!
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