Couple planning their wedding on a laptopWedding planning can often be one of the biggest tasks you have ever tackled, from guest lists to colour schemes, seating plans to budgeting. We take a look at how you can make your wedding planning less stressful, more organised and easy to manage with the help of a variety of apps, websites and software.

Wedding Planning – Scheduling and Budget Planning

Is Auntie Caroline organising the flowers, and brother Paul sorting out the stag do – but your ‘to-do’ list is still as long as your arm? You can keep a tab on all of your ‘to do’ list, as well as sharing tasks with Auntie Caroline, Ben and other helpful friends, with the fantastic app, WeddingHappy.

WeddingHappy is designed to plan everything that needs to be done in the run up to your wedding with military efficiency. It builds you a customised ‘to do’ list with suggested dates, keeps track of your budget and lets you share tasks with other people helping to plan your wedding.

Wedding Design – Colour Schemes, Dresses, Table Decorations etc


Pinterest is the ultimate online scrapbook!

Long gone are the days of sitting with scissors, glue and a scrap book, surrounded by mountains of wedding magazines.

Pinterest is the ultimate online scrapbook. You can use it to find inspiration for anything wedding related, and create as many ‘boards’ as you like – from table décor to wedding dresses, colour schemes to wedding themes. Even better, if you spot something you love on another website that hasn’t got the option to ‘Pin’ the link, just copy the URL into Pinterest and save it to your very own Pinterest board. You can share your ideas with others – for example, if you have created a ‘floral’ board with ideas of flowers that you love, you can share it with your wedding florist. It is totally free, rather addictive and a brilliant addition to your wedding planning!

Wedding Admin – Invitations, RSVPs and Guests

Appy Couple

Appy Couple lets you create your own personalised wedding website and app.

No need to phone all of your guests to let them know where the car park is, to get their menu choices or to update them with the latest information about the venue.

Appy Couple is a simple app that lets you create your own personalised wedding website and app, from over 500 wedding themed designs. Guests can RSVP, find your wedding list and information about your venue and accommodation, check the dress code and menu choices. With free downloads for all of your guests, you can instant message each other, share photos, share information such as dietary requirements and count down to the big day.

Project Management/To Do

You know that folder that’s full of receipts, menus, Post-it/sticky note scribbles and invoices? There is an app that will do all of that for you, removing the need for that huge full-to-bursting folder!

Evernote syncs across all of your compatible devices, and lets you store photos, web pages, drawings and itineraries as well as create ‘to do’ lists, calendar reminders and assign tasks. The search engine even recognises text in photographs, meaning that you can search and find your information easily. You can share your notes with others, enabling family and friends to help you tick off items on your never ending ‘to do’ list!

Honeymoon Funding

Buy Our Honeymoon

Buy Our Honeymoon helps you create your own, personalised honeymoon wish list.

Many modern couples already have the traditional household gifts that are the mainstay of a wedding list. So, if you don’t want a set of matching fluffy towels, coffee mugs or more vases than you know what to do with, why not take a different approach and ask your guests to contribute towards something that will make a real difference to you both – your honeymoon.

Buy Our Honeymoon is the UK’s top independent wedding list service – a website that will create your own, personalised honeymoon wish list. Make your list as detailed or simple as you like adding ideas like breakfast in bed, a hot air balloon ride, a limo to the airport or a number of miles of the flight to your destination. Guests can choose to buy any of your listed ideas, and then leave a personal message.

Thank You Notes

Postable takes the stress out of thank you notes.

Postable takes the stress out of thank you notes.

Take the stress out of thank you letters, with Postable cards. Available in many different designs, all you need to do is type a message and hey presto, the card will be printed and posted for you. You can also create Save the Date cards, Guest and Bridal Party invitations.

Wedding Photos

With so many people snapping away, wouldn’t it be nice to see the photos taken by your guests? You’d be able to see the smiling faces of guests at your reception before you arrived, and the antics at the party after you left!

WedPics app and website does just that. Unlike a hashtag, it is completely private, allowing wedding guests to share their photos with the happy couple. You can also add photos of the engagement party, stag/hen party and honeymoon so that friends and family can share your amazing journey together.


Every great reception needs great music! Bring your own musical tastes to your reception with Spotify – a virtual treasure trove of all musical genres and styles. This amazing piece of software lets you create your own playlists of favourite tunes, or you can use one of the thousands of user playlists. You can even share your playlists, letting your guests add their own favourite tunes to the party. Make sure that whoever decided to add Gangnam Style gets to do a solo turn on the dance floor!

Seating Plan

Couple using TopTablePlanner on a laptop

Use TopTablePlanner to arrange your guests and tables.

Of course, no article about wedding planning apps would be complete without mentioning TopTablePlanner!

Gone are the days when you needed to use a huge piece of paper, the dining room table and a few hundred Post-it/sticky notes in order to organise your seating plan. TopTablePlanner enables you to arrange your seating plan quickly and easily. You can arrange and rearrange your guests on a PC, Mac or tablet until you have the perfect seating plan before printing and sharing your plan with your venue and suppliers.

Adaptable to any number of guests, size of tables and room layout, you can also access and edit your plans remotely whenever you are online.

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