The most famous Parisian icon is, of course, the Eiffel Tower. At 320m high with an impressive 1710 steps, design your wedding table plan (or ‘plan de table de mariage’ as they say in France!) with tables in pairs rising up a picture of the Tower, with the most important top table taking pride of place at the top.

Eiffel TowerUse the red, white and blue stripes of the French flag as inspiration for fabrics in your table decoration – anything from miniature flags as part of the centrepiece to table runners and napkins in these colours. French themed favours could include little bottles of French wine or perfume/cologne with personalised labels. Or, look back to French history to find that during the reign of Louis XVI, brides gave their old fans to bridesmaids as favours – what a lovely idea for the ladies. Lily of the Valley is a favourite French wedding flower, signifying the beginning of happy times. How ideal for a stunning table centre piece. Find some French postcards to use as place name cards.

A French tradition still commonly practised today is for the bride and groom to drink their reception toasts from a two handled cup called a ‘coupe de mariage’ which is then handed down through the generations.

A French wedding cake is a sight to behold! Called a ‘croquembouche’ it is an elegant pyramid of small filled choux buns held together with spun caramel. It is fairly easy to find a specialist UK baker who will make this French patisserie wedding classic for your celebrations. Include other French flavours in your buffet food – baguettes, croissants, pate, brie, crème brulee – and how about some escargot?

They say that French is the language of love – perfect for a wedding full of elegant French style and romance.

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