Chalkboard wedding seating plan

Chalkboard seating plan with Beatles hits as table names –

The sixties were a truly inspirational decade – man walked on the moon, England won the world cup and Martin Luther King made his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech. Full of rock ‘n’ roll and psychedelia, the sixties is a great decade to choose as a wedding seating plan theme. Here are a few flower powered ideas to get your started!

Table plans and escort cards

  • This fantastic sixties table plan is made to look just like a poster for sixties bands, featuring ‘The Newlyweds’!
  • For Beatles lovers everywhere, this table plan uses the couple’s favourite Beatles hits as table names, and is drawn on a large chalkboard.
  • Name each table after a 1960’s celebrity – there are lots to choose from, for example Twiggy, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Louis Armstrong, Mary Quant and Stevie Wonder. Whose table will be named after Austin Powers?
  • I’m sure we’ve mentioned this seating plan before, but it is so good we’re going to mention it again! Pop art was big in the 60’s, with images drawn from popular culture and bright colours. These escort card puzzle pieces not only tell the guests where to sit but also fit together to create a unique, pop art inspired wedding picture for the bride and groom to treasure.

Table names and numbers

Flower power flower seeds wedding favour

Flower power flower seeds wedding favour –

Table décor and favours

  • Psychedelic retro lava lamps will make colourful table centre pieces.
  • Place some 1960’s trivia on each person’s place name to provide fun conversation starters.
  • Favours can be famous icons of the 60’s – miniature scooters and VW camper vans spring to mind, or maybe some ‘make your own’ tie dye t-shirts!

And finally, how about this for stage stopping seating! Chop a Vespa scooter or two in half, and attach them to a table as a totally unique 1960’s wedding ice cream counter!

Other ideas

Rock ’n’ Roll the night away to classic 60’s tunes. The variety of music in this era is mind boggling – everything from the Beatles and John Lennon to Simon and Garfunkel, Jimi Hendrix to The Monkees. Why not take a few jive lessons and have a rock’n’roll first dance? It’s actually not that hard to learn some easy jive moves – look for local Modern Jive, West Coast Swing or Ceroc classes. (For those who are more confident, Lindyhop, jitterbug or rock ‘n’ roll are more authentic but have trickier footwork). Here’s how it should be done!

For a classic finishing touch, why not hire a VW Camper van to drive the bride and groom off into the sunset playing ‘All you need is Love’ (everyone sing along now!).

Update: VW Campervan Photo Booth

VW Campervan Photo BoothWhilst researching this blog post, we came across this great VW campervan photo-booth service – a classic photo-booth, inside a campervan!

‘Camperbooth’ comes complete with a suitcase full of props and you’ll receive a disc of high resolution images with low resultion versions that you can share.

Whether you’re having a 60’s inspired wedding theme or not, this would be great entertainment for any wedding day!

Campervan image courtesy of @camperbooth.

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