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A ‘King’s Table’ is a large, rectangular table at which the wedding party (or the Bride and Groom’s family) sit at during the reception. Unlike a standard ‘Top table’, people are seated on all sides of a King’s table. Often, the Bride and Groom choose to leave two spaces vacant opposite their own central positions, to enable guests to see them during the toasts. It has the benefit of being less imposing that a long top table, and more sociable for those seated at it.

Kings table layout for a wedding

Seating plans and escort cards

Crown escort cards - etsy.com

Escort cards featuring vintage crown design – etsy.com

Royal wedding seating plans and escort cards can be based on a number of themes:

  • Vintage Royal jubilee – use Union Jacks and vintage embellished gold frames to create a Great British celebration wedding seating plan. Here is a great example, aptly entitled ‘A Right Royal Knees Up’!
  • Fairy Tale royalty – traditional fairytales find true love, and are full of romantic Princes and Princesses. Whether it is Disney or traditional, let it inspire a fairy tale seating plan, such as these delightful pumpkin escort cards.
  • Motifs such as crowns, royal peacocks and Fleur de Lis instantly add a regal touch to seating plans and escort cards. These stylish escort cards use a variety of vintage crown designs on each card, and these escort cards use a stylised design of a Royal peacock feather.
  • For a totally quirky option, how about this great escort card display where the Bride and Groom are King and Queen of their own Royal Sandcastle!

Table names and numbers

Fairytale crown table number - etsy.com

Elegant fairytale crown table number – etsy.com

Table decorations

Whether you wish to go all out with ornate gold accessories, or simply add a subtle regal touch, there are plenty of options for your table décor, including:

  • Use royal colour schemes for your table décor – deep velvet purple and cream, or Royal Blue and gold for example.
  • Source some luxury table napkins, monogrammed with the Bride and Groom’s initials.
  • Use an old-style Royal scroll to print your menu.

Other ideas

  • Invite some Court jesters, or Royal trumpeters to your reception to entertain your guests.
  • Have a Royal themed photobooth, with ermine cloaks, tiaras, crowns and a Royal Throne.
  • Remember to have a look at our Royal wedding seating plan Pinterest board, full of even more ideas for your very own Right Royal wedding day!
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