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Garden wedding tree table plan – Agape Planning

A wedding reception outside is a great opportunity for your guests to enjoy fresh air, great scenery and good company. It is also a great opportunity to get creative with your wedding seating plan – and here are some ideas to get you started!

Seating plans for garden weddings

Seating your guests in a garden reception inspires some fantastic seating plan ideas. Are there any large, imposing trees in your garden area? This seating plan uses a Robin Hood theme, with the calligraphy scroll seating plan pinned to the tree with an arrow. Twine has been wrapped around the tree trunk in this seating plan, with escort cards clipped on to it.

Perfect for a vintage or rustic theme, use glass paints to design the seating plan on panes of glass in an antique window frame. Choose your window frame to suit a smaller guest list or a large gathering.

Plants for wedding favours or place names -

Use plants for wedding favours or place names –

Taking inspiration from the plants in your garden, use small pots of herbs or flowers with guest’s names on seed markers as garden themed escort cards. Alternatively, use a potted tree or small bonsai tree to make your own escort card tree.

Get creative with your escort cards and make a pinwheel for each guest, with their name and table allocation on the ‘petals’. Coordinate them with your wedding colours and they will look beautiful spinning away in the summer breeze!

Refresh your guests with this imaginative idea for a seating plan, where each guest has a named glass of fresh lemonade which tells them where they are seating! Another creative idea is to use Polaroid photographs of each guest, write their table number underneath, pin to twine and string around the garden.


Outdoor weddingGet creative with your seating! Garden weddings are great for alternative seating ideas, such as hay bales topped with colour coordinated rugs, garden or bistro style chairs, wooden benches, wicker chairs or even bringing your indoor furniture outside to create a stylish an ‘outside room‘.


Personalised seed packets with meadow flower or herb seeds would make a fantastic, long lasting memory favour for your guests and tie in with the garden wedding reception theme perfectly. Alternatively, pot up small herb or flower plants in ramekins as favours for your guests – these could even double up as escort cards by painting the guest’s name and table number on the ramekin or using labels tied to ribbon around them.

Other ideas

Why not provide some outside games – and I bet it won’t just be the children playing them! Traditional outdoors games such as coits, bowls, croquet and skittles as well as large oversized versions of Jenga, draughts, chess and Connect 4 will go down a storm and get your guests laughing and mingling happily.

Remember to check out our garden wedding seating plan board on Pinterest for even more great ideas and inspiration!

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